Who’s ready to Speed Clean a Parrot Cage? NOT ME! My green cheek conure and quaker parrot are in bad need of a clean cage. So join me and clean alongside with me as we speed clean our parrot cages!

Items I Use:
-Spray bottle (In this vid, I use a bowl because I lost my bottle. If you are going to do what I did, be sure to wash out the bowl and put new solution in after a couple of uses to avoid cleaning with bacteria.)
– Old rags to cut down the use of paper towels.
-Toothbrush to clean those hard to get places (fyi don’t use this toothbrush to clean your teeth afterwards just sayin… lol)
-Scrubbing Brush to get dried fruit or hard to get off poop.
-Breathing Mask. I did not use one in this vid since I am talking but I highly recommend you use one. Poop from exotic birds is not good at all for humans to be exposed to.
-Cleaning Solution

My Cleaning Solution I Always Use
-1:1 Vinegar and Water. Sometimes I use Apple Cider Vinegar since it helps kill around 98% of germs. They both have the same effectiveness but apple cider has a more pleasant smell. ****For dried fruit I sometimes use straight vinegar instead of the water. I feel like it helps break it down more when the vinegar is not diluted.
-For areas that seem impossible to remove, I will sometimes use dish soap or Simple Green. Just be sure to remove all traces of this solution once your done cleaning that spot. Don’t want birbs eating those bubbles. I personally never use bleach unless my vet speaks otherwise.

The Process of Cleaning
1. Remove toys, water dishes, food dishes, etc. from the cage. I wipe those down with my vinegar solution separately.
2. Work from top to bottom throwing away papers I use as the ‘bedding’ of the cage.
3. Spray the solution and let it set for a few seconds. Start wiping/scrubbing off the solution with a rag.
4. Continue this method working down the cage.
5. I use Christmas Tree Skirts that I got on sale the day after Christmas as the little poop/food catcher on the bottom of the cage. I remove that, shake off the remains outside, then wash this with my other rags in the washing machine. You can also use table skirts as well.
6. Wash and clean all of the toys, paperweights (in this case I use very heavy rocks that I know Yoshi won’t try to toss lol) with the solution.
7. Those red and white thingies you see lined around the sides of their cage is silicone baking mats. I ordered a pack of 3 on amazon and cut them to fit around the cage. I personally have been liking this to catch the poop since the mats are easier to clean with the poop rather than it being dried on the cage. Also that random container at the bottom of the cage is there to catch water drippings from their bottle.
8. I let their cage air out a bit for approximately an hour before I return them to their cage.

EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE CAGE ( let me know if I missed something and I will find it for ya )

Parrot Cage

http://planetpleasures.com/ *code VICTORIA saves you 15%

Bungee Rope Toys

Popples’ Popsicle Flag
https://amzn.to/2MmscuB (I got it as an add on item for $5 don’t pay this much for it ridiculous lol)

Yoshi Flag
https://amzn.to/2Mjfj4K (different color and unfortunately not available)

Pet Clips For Treats and Hanging Toys

Parrot Treat Holder

Nic and I make our own. We use sassafras and sometimes silver maple when we can’t get sassafras. Be careful with maple as the red maple trees are considered toxic. Silver however is safe once bark is removed and wood is ‘baked’. See list linked below for safe and toxic wood 🙂

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Love ya birbs
victoria —- http://planetpleasures.com/
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*May include affiliate links so I can jump off a diving board into a huge pile of cash. help a birb sis out.


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    18 replies to "HOW DID IT GET THIS BAD!!??? Speed Cleaning Parrots Cage"

    • Ashley Burdick

      I got a pet steam cleaner just for the bird cages. Sanitizes and completely removes bird debri and dander. I can get both cages cleaned in about an hour and they look brand new!

    • Lydia Boi

      Your birds are so cute!! Ive been wanting a parakeet for so long, I had them in the past and recently ive been doing so much research for days, if only i could find a way to convince my mom 😂 I even have about 120$ for it which should be enough and she still says no

    • Isabella Moore

      so my great aunt lives in a medical home thingy and only one pet is aloud and her being the crazy ass bitch she is decided to get 2 doves wich then turned into a family of 3 and so because she wasn't aloud to have that many pets she gave them away to my grandma. and my grandma doesn't want them so she just stuffs them away in her attic, gives them the wrong food, gives them zero attention, never lets them out of there cage and never cleans there cage (theres piles of poop, its not like small little spots with poop in them, no, there are litteraly PILES OF UPRIGHT STANDING CRAP Next to the fOOD AND WATER DISHES like theyre gonna get sick) . its not like she hates them she just doesn't know any better
      (sorry for ranting it just makes me upset)

    • RadicalSage

      I’m getting my feather baby sometime this year and was just wondering if it’s okay to wipe down the cage with a wet sponge after using the vinegar. I’m not sure if the sponge is bad or not.

    • Ole gypsy soul-Marianne Bennett

      I’m new to all this and really have learned so much from you. Do you have a bath video?

    • purplesuninthesky

      Is it bad to wet the cage completely and clean it with dish soap? I was going to spray it down outside.

    • Addie Rogers

      I have found the EASIEST BEST way to keep a cage….I use hand towels on the bottom…change every day…have 35 of them…wash 1 load in hot water. They scoop up and feathers and seeds just..dump right in outside garage can……2-3 minutes!!!!! A vet told me about it!!! it is GREWAT….never go back!!!

    • Crafts by Creme

      thanks for sharing!

    • BoBo Manny

      Victoria do you watch sharyn zoo? She has alot of birds alot of birds you should check her out , waved you awesome video you do amazing work .

    • Lynn Murphy

      I use packing paper from the uhaul place.

    • Lynn Murphy

      Spray bottle with vinegar. Works great.

    • Morgaan Kelton

      My grandma has a scarlet macaw and a miligold macaw(blue and gold and military). She changes the papers in the bottom once a week and spot cleans weekly. Then about twice a year power washes the whole thing. The cage is 6'x2'x6'.

    • The Kendyl Diaries

      I love you and your birds!!

    • Bb

      I think I have a similar, if not the same, cage and I just wheel the thing out back and hose it down. The poop absorbs the water and rinses right off. I use a brush, if it doesn't come off easy. If it's warm, I'll let it air dry. I use the vinegar to help clean the bowls and toys. I also bought a huge roll of parchment paper from Costco to line the cage. I can change that out easily on the daily. I finally took the seed catcher off of the cage. I think it's way easier to clean without it. Anyway, my green cheek takes daily baths in her water bowl. I was wondering how your birb does that if you use the water dispenser. I always thought those would be cool, if I was going to be gone for a day or two. Did it take them a little while to realize how to use it? And, I like your videos because you crack me up! Thanks for the honest proof of how messy birbs are.

    • Kristaly Mendez

      How many times a day do you feed a quaker parrot

    • Norma Rideout

      My least favourite thing to do…my Quaker s cage isn’t so bad because she’s with us most of the time…but…my cockatiel….he’s a little piggy.

    • Jessica

      Why don’t you put a disposable bird safe liner on the bases? Couldn’t you tape them down?

    • birdman uk2020

      What do you think about using fragrance free wet wipes?

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