Today is a super exciting day because I’m setting up a new bird cage! Am I getting another bird?! Proper cage setup is a very important part of parrot care.


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💙Bluebell – sky blue budgie
💛Ducky – lutino cockatiel
💚Kermit – yellow-sided green cheek conure
🤍Pearl – albino budgie

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    20 replies to "How to Set Up Your Parrot’s Cage! | Bird Cage Setup"

    • kelly’s pet care corner

      Awesome vid as always, also are you getting another bird??😃

    • Parrot Playhouse

      This is going to be one lucky birdie!! Love all the Toy and Perch choices! Your hair is so beautiful!!💚☺️

    • Feather Paradise

      That cage looks awesome! I love how Ducky just sits on your shoulder, it’s so cute😂 when I get a dowel perch’s I ask my dad to take a knife and make it so it’s not to smooth. I have a rope perch! And my bird loves it, I’m glad he doesn’t chew it.

    • Virág Varga

      The cage looks really nice! Can't wait to see the new bird 😻
      Is 2,5 cm bar spacing okay for a cockatiel? 😕

    • Mango & Tweety

      That’s an awesome new cage! Love your channel! Ducky is adorable!

    • Terry Plew

      Very informative. Thanks.

    • Animal Lover

      Sorry if I'm Late… Awesome New Cage! I'll buy it if i can! For BowBow or my other parrots lol💜❤💙

    • MeikcoBirbs Ahoy

      I pref natural wood pearchs as well ..

    • Emi

      Very informative with so much detail! 👍😊 New cage set up means … new bird? Can’t wait to find out😃

    • Flight_Feathers

      Looks great ! Although I’d trim the bottom off the three jute/sisal rings as you don’t want anything in the cage that could potentially get a leg trapped 😄

    • simba the hamster

      Got a another parrot I see ah! There truly awesome I don't have any myself but my more distant family has a couple cockateils and a macaw cool video 🙂

    • Rat-Tastic

      Thank you! Now I know how to set up a parrot cage if I ever have one 😀

    • The Love Of Animals

      Omg the cage looks so amazing!!! I want one!!! 😅😍

    • Rio DeGennaro

      are you getting a love bird???

    • Rio DeGennaro

      Yay I’m so exited I can’t wait for the new lil birdy yay!!!!!! Eeeee

    • Abi’s Animals

      Eeeee yay I’m so exited I can’t wait to meet her-he yay!!!!!!! This video is so informational I love this so so much!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🦜🦜🦜 Yes I just got Rio a bunch of different perches and textures! A wood one and a bunch of natural stock one!

    • Kamoto Hiro

      Can i just pick up sturdy twigs outside and clean them?

    • Jebby Momma

      Great set up !! This week cage cleaning week for us ! ( just 2 cages lol )

    • Kk Creatures

      This was so fun to watch! I love set up videos. You made an awesome set up! Thanks so much for posting such a great video. Your channel is doing really well! I definitely expect you to become one of the amazing bird channels that everyone watches!

    • Christopher Serrano valdepena

      You incurige me

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