How to Teach your Bird to Fly to you | Flight recall training

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how to teach your bird to fly to you flight recall training
in today’s video, I talked about some helpful tips to train your bird to fly to you. flying recall is so important to birds because if something ever happens like your bird flys out an open door accidentally, it needs to be able to come back to you.



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TechyTrends says:

Hi there first view I love your vids 😊😊 ♥️♥️♥️👋

7moda7y the best says:

My cockatiel is not talking a bath .
some times when I give him water he starts swimming in it but i take him out because the water is cold what do I do

Rebecca Bowman says:

Great video . my birds are funny . they fly and sit on my head . i would like them on my hand . you are right it is a good idea . my birds fly around the house . great way to get them

Steven grime Rose says:

Mine allready does this he’s a beast 🥰👊🏻

Hussein al-marzooq says:

Ur my teacher

David Sánchez Tost says:

Excelente vídeo 👌, me encantan estos pájaros como vuelan, son tan hermosos, me gustaría ser como ellos 🤗👍

yomna terra says:

thank you
your videos are really helpful

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