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Another impromptu video here! I am currently putting together a shreddable toy guide video. I rank our birds favourite shredding toys and talk about the pros and cons of each.
It’s something we often get asked about, so a video about it seemed natural to make.

I approached a couple companies who make our parrots fave toys and Wesco Kebobs got back to me and offered to send some bits for the video. When the bits arrived, I was so surprised by the amount I decided to make an unboxing video purely dedicated to them!
Wesco Kebobs are genuinely our parrots favourite shredding toy. They love chewing them to bits and destroying them.

Also included is a little clip show of our parrots enjoying shredding their new toys!

Any good parrot toy should be destructible and if your toys are getting chewed up you know they are good ones!

Music credit: Rev – Eveningland, free to use with YouTube audio library.

Link to Wesco’s website: https://www.birdkabob.com/

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    12 replies to "Huge Natural Parrot Toy Unboxing | Shreddable Toys | WarGamingParrot AD"

    • Red Gemini Arts

      Great video, always informative. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kiwi's Flock

      All the stuff there looked awesome!! Great video!

    • Nurgles left tentacle

      Great stuff! I'm moving house next week. I foresee a large order in the future. A few of these will go great with the new stand that I've set up.

    • An G's Feathered Friends

      Just DIY 3 new toys for my birds, made of natural pine. Had some issues with splitting the chunks with the drill a few dozen times, but got it made in the end. Used cupcake papers, was also going to add in popsicle sticks, but picked out the smaller ones that wouldn't work for the sisal rope size. Tossed the halved chunks into foraging boxes, gives them more items to have to toss about. Trying to get my hands on some bulk balsa wood. I read that is a softer wood very popular with parrots. Those yucca wood toys just cost to much and don't last long at all. Pine is still soft enough to destroy for my cockatiels, the balsa would be nice for the budgies. They do chew on pine as well, but the chunks of wood I came across are a bit thick for them.

      Just glad planet pleasures has good prices, they sell something called Kokocrunch Cookies. Made of yucca and cheaper. Budgies will chew into that 1 nest toy, mine rescue ones were and yes they were nesting in it. The previous owner didn't know better, but I removed that right away, you can jigsaw it in half though, and works fine.

      If I was to get any of this brand's items again (I ordered 1 of their kabobs before and IT WAS COVERED IN MOLD!!!), it would be the perch like one you had olive on. My birds love destroying their perches, which are all natural apple wood. So I encourage it 😀

    • Yamuna devi

      Gonna get that swing kabob, thanks for the video

    • BirdNerdSophie

      Love how these toys are already being enjoyed/destroyed by our flock!

    • ornithology dude

      Finally! A worldwide parrot toy company!!!! Get in 😂

    • mino

      I found a wooden stick in the natural so i cleaned it and then put it in my cockatiel's cage now he is standing on it while shredding it and he shred it so hard that he finished it and fell

    • daishiv

      We like the mini kabobs for our Cheek's travel cage.

    • Connie Cruz

      Thank you for including budgies in your videos. All my birds are budgies. Even though they are budgies, I get so much helpful information on how to keep my birds healthy and happy.

    • Candice T

      Omgosh me and my birds are so jealous! Those toys look awesome!! I got the triple kabobs and they didn't touch it yet (I just put it in this morning so they are getting used to it) but I'm pretty sure sooner or later it will be gone
      Ooh secret project! We wanna know! 😂
      Nice video! Wew! 😃

    • wtff

      My green cheeks two favorite things are his swing and kabob. I'll definitely have to pick that swing one up for sure!

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