By supporting people like you have helped with the rescue of thousands of parrots birds from the trade. But the work is not done the parrots need your help.
The international trade in parrots is a lucrative enterprise, and forms an important part of the international wildlife trade. As parrots have become increasingly endangered, many countries have placed restrictions on the trade and/or prohibited the trade altogether. Despite the restriction on trade in many countries however, the market still operates both legally and illegally.
Approximately 2,600 of the more than 9,600 species of birds in existence are subject to trade, and 20% of these species belong to the order Psittaciformes (parrots). In 2009, 3.9% of households in the United States owned birds, which equated to 11,199,000 pet birds in total and 75% of these belonged to the Psittaciforme order.

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