Green parrot should not caged.please guys don’t do that.we can keep cocktails and African love birds hand tamed to enjoy.

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    7 replies to "Indian green parrot is banned in India/தமிழ்"

    • bala Dc

      Bro video ve upload pannamatringa y

    • Ganesh KJ

      Na love birs vangi 4monts plus airuchu innum Mutta podala yanna problem ma irukum

    • APP-CJ creations

      Good information

    • Muruga Sibi

      Bro ennoda dp pathithana soldringa😋😋😋

    • Muruga Sibi

      Hi bro nan 4parrot valakuren

    • birds corner

      Good information


      Bro antha vitla sonningala valakakudathunu

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