I often get asked how I ended up working with parrot behaviour as a full-time job. Here is a blast from the past, some video I found from a presentation I gave in 2011 about my Post Graduate research… working with New Zealand kaka was amazing! Still hands down my favourite parrot species. There isn’t sound for most of the video but it is great to watch the innate behaviour of the birds, it isn’t trained this is natural problem solving ability. The study was comparing patterned problem solving abilities of kaka and the notoriously ‘intelligent’ New Zealand kea. If you are interested the kaka actually had better results than the kea, mostly as they had a longer attention span where the kea were brilliant but bored quickly. I love how you can see them thinking and actively problem solving in these tests.

Excuse the ‘potty-mouthed’ African Grey at the end, had to put that in! (he was from a separate study with other species)

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    • Veniu

      Oh I totally love this! Birds in general are so amazing, I love them and their behaviour 😀 I guess your job is pretty cool with spectating those animals.

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