On this episode of Animal Fact Files discover some of the only parrots who actually enjoy snow!

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Credits via Wiki Users:
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Other attributions:
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    10 replies to "Kea facts: the world's mountain parrots | Animal Fact Files"

    • Isaac Penney

      i dont like your vids :(:(:(:(

    • Rowel Escaño

      Kia must not kill. and sheeps must protect in other plans not this one. sheep owners must do something or think some plans that cannot also harmed kia Parrots. and prevent sheeps from killing by kia parrots

    • Smithシlaraシ

      I love keas I even go to keas

    • Henry the PaleoGuy

      Nice to see that more people are appreciating these fascinating birds!

    • aamr diamons&isis

      thank you for all the facts about the Kia I can't wait to do school work on them thank you you support me so much

    • Gregory Murphy

      Could you do the Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, and Red Kangaroo

    • Keaton Blackman

      The Sound Like Keaton!!! Like Me

    • 「BLK dolphin」

      Oh you guys should do ground skinks

    • Josh Robertson

      Haha I completely forgot about this

    • Elephant Hennesssy

      Can you do a fact file on Asian elephants please. I love elephants

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