This video shows a pair of Kea (a Parrot from the Alpine areas of the South Island of New Zealand) bonding by feeding each other.

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    5 replies to "Kea Feeding Each Other (New Zealand Alpine Parrot)"

    • Nature enthusiast

      these are beautiful parrots, it's always funny when you remember just how they're feeding each other. nice to see them socialising together. Thanks for sharing

    • Whattodoabz

      That's the cutest thing i have ever seen. Lovely birds!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Daybird Aviaries

      Those are amazing.

    • bird lover

      Very interesting that they take turns feeding each other. Some song birds in the U.S. do that, but exclusively male feeding female as part of courtship behavior.

    • beaglemanzzz

      So one parrot pukes into the other's mouth, only to have it puked right back? Seems like a waste of time.

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