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There are parrots that totally break the stereotypes: the keas in New Zealand just love snow and the cold, harsh mountain climate. To survive here, these mountain parrots have developed exceptional intelligence and resourcefulness. However, for quite some time now, the mountains have been attracting humans and other animals, too – and this has opened a new playground for the birds’ intellectual abilities. They explore and investigate, they burn with curiosity and never get easily ambushed. But despite their extraordinary wit, they are in danger – no one knows how long the species will manage to survive.

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    11 replies to "Keas: Wild & Witty in New Zealand | Full Documemtary"

    • @Adl...lChoyce

      This Hella cool

    • @gavinridley5727

      As usual with your all's videos, more amazing than I even expected! Thank you 😀

    • @melodyguives1883

      Cute birds

    • @derp812

      Very nice documentary! Love the channel!

    • @philipgregory4748

      when the video focuses on the parrotts it's perfect. narration is so fitting and pleasant. then you fill in with other 'stuff' and ruin it

    • @FirstnameLastname-ps4cu

      Absolutely beautiful, too bad humans are gonna to blow it all to hell. New game in town, goodbye environment. What do you think?

    • @Feline_Frenzy53

      Such, darling, smart and inquisitive birds!!

    • @vavilovasvetlana9044

      Kea is unusual smart animal!

    • @mythbuster4880

      These are the smartest, silliest birds!😊❤

    • @chitrasrinivasan8195

      Very intellectual Kea birds . They are super smart ! Nice team work and editing ….

    • @abrarcheema9105

      Nice sharing ❤🦜🕊🦋

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