There has been a lot of fire, brimstone, fuss and bother in the beauty community. Here I am, accepting that no amount of practice, skill or desire will get me to the wiles, side dealings and sneakiness of the beauty community big 3. Instead I have a new friend, Molly Pepper. She is here to help me go back to my family oriented, playful, silly channel. I missed you all, thank you for your patience as I struggle to find where and how this channel will exist. Xoxoxo

A “why I am leaving the beauty community” video to follow as a separate concern. I have receipts…. (face palms)

Should PEPPER start her own instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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    14 replies to "Meet Pepper the caique parrot | beginner parrot training"

    • Ray Hayden, J.D.

      That is a beautiful bird! We have a flightless rescued parakeet (Chirp, my little green friend!). Dropping a LIKE on your video, Watching and Supporting!

    • tuan cuong 2019

      Hello you 👍👍

    • learning wearning with ansha J

      Watched twice your parrot is awesome

    • learning wearning with ansha J

      Wowwwwww pretty parrot sooooooo cute wowww u r expert in training parrots

    • 5 Friends

      Love this! New subbie! Pls sub back 💕

    • BLACK OPS Man

      Hey!!!! ❤❤❤

    • Morning D.E.W.

      Cool new addition!

    • Good7 Bad13

      Awwww. Pretty bird

    • Gilbert Rod

      Hi pepper 🐦 Welcome to the Bird family 😊 (love the captions Violet) … You're doing a great job with the training and the kids were awesome too! … May I have an almond? 😊🍅

    • ATJH Travels

      How cool is that what a beautiful bird this was awesome friend sledgehammered that like button and sharing to Twitter

    • Ako si Dags At your service bai

      wow so cute!! i do have 2 birds myself! 3 years old? wow.. she really is so cute and well tamed! ^_^

    • crazzier _123

      YOU'RE SOOO GORGEOUS <3! Omg, the parrot is so cute and I'm so happy for you.

    • Bottle Caps

      Jeepers Creepers you got a bird🐦

    • Giggles_ Giggles

      Hahah making a nest in your hair. She is so cute

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