Mike singing his new favorite song “I Kissed A Girl”

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    29 replies to "Mike the African Grey sings I Kissed a Girl"

    • mickXfan

      he really likes kissing girls, huh

    • Ryan Jones

      That parrot has talent

    • Paul Jersey

      Nutty bird! I like him!

    • akAsha6E6D

      I laughed with all my heart,he is adorable!!!!!Mike you made my day!!!what a great friend you have!!!!!

    • iminlovewithyou10

      Made my day complete! Thanks!

    • Spammy30

      Aww so precious bless, aww look at chew, be a fly in the sky! And recording classic. You must be so proud, that’s for sharing

    • 24PawsdotCom

      So awesome! Thanks for sharing, made our Tickle Paw Tuesday list!

    • Stacie Marks

      Great video!
      I have a catalina macaw who talks up a storm, but your bird is adorable. I totally enjoyed this.

    • Tom Barrister

      Congo African Greys love to mimic. They start imitating sounds at 4-6 months of age. They generally don’t physically develop their full abilities to imitate speech until 10-14 months of age. Be patient. When the bird is capable of more sophisticated sounds (i.e. words, phrases), he will start making them.

    • Marcmmm1

      I’ve got a 6 month old CAG – when will he start talking? he does noises and sounds now

    • baileysababy6

      “can i tell you a secret? ooh, foursome. hubba hubba.” guess no secret is a secret around a parrot. haha.

    • TheLadyKatyPerry

      Does he say “look at you? Flying high in the sky!” Hahaha I love this bird… Too funny

    • Alexa Charbonneau

      The way he says it is hilarious

    • evergirl1231

      it’s like these birds are mocking our very existence

    • Aleah Martin

      Just commenting on how much of an annoyance this bird would be…. i am pretty sure i understand what a parrot does..i was pointing out that it was stuck in an office.

    • RagabashMoon

      Yes, that would be what parrots do.

    • Aleah Martin

      okay, so this parrot is at an office. it makes the noises of the delivery truck backing up, and the answering machine beeping…he also just mimmicks things people say as they walk to the fridge.

    • betsjuso

      Talks so clear, so cute.

    • pamela grogan


    • Clay Chimera

      You are so Sexy! LOL

    • Zevran Cornelious

      Where did he learn the recording machine? I nearly pissed myself at that! “I kissed a girl and I boop boop beep RECORDING

    • DLishDLites

      What a smart boy!

    • Emster555

      Lol cute

    • Rhonda McDermitt

      so cute

    • TheMissTigress

      If you minimize the screen, it sounds like something out of a horror movie.. O.O

    • labkrr


    • NeutralGenericUser

      Aww I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 I hope you have just as much enjoyment with your new parrot!


      hes so funny

    • hsnnut

      He’s so precious! Mine of 15yrs passed away last week ;(. I’m already on a waiting list for another. I miss her so much, my life is just not the same.

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