I thought you guys would enjoy seeing just a super laid back training session with me and my daughter, Capri and a couple of birds!

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MY BIRDS (Oldest to Youngest) 🐦❤

BONDI 💗 Galah | hatched 2005
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BANDIT 💙 Galah | hatched 2008
JINX 💙 Blue Throat Macaw | hatched 2008
COMET 💙 Yellow-Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
TUSA 💙 Blue-Green Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
ROCKO 💙 Toco Toucan | hatched 2011
LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA 💗 Sun Conures | hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    26 replies to "Morgan Meets Lefty! | Macaw Meets a Quaker Parrot"

    • MuthaVape

      I LOVE watching your birds fly! I told my mom when I was 2 I wanted a baby bird in an egg. My mom has sensory issues with sound so birds were NEVER an option for me growing up. I have the same sensitivities to sound so out of respect and my love for the birds u probably will never have my own. Ill just enjoy watching yours!

    • Nick Pascale

      Two beautiful gals ❤️ 😁

    • Hailey Hudgins

      Morgan is so pretty and hard working

    • Velvet Rayne

      Capri is a great trainer and so smart!!!

    • Licha

      Do quakers talk

    • Melissa Spier

      OMG I hope that Y'all are OKAY!

    • Roberto301

      Is Morgan your bird?

    • Rocky Bettas

      Gah she made me nervous thinking she was so close to stepping on Lefty..

    • Lily

      I've dont know if you'll see this but i had to comment. I've been thinking since I saw this vid and you said traveling with Morgan is a little tricky because of her foot. That it gets sores on it. I assume from bracing herself on the hard box. I thought you could either make her a little bootie with a little gel insert(from a foot/shoe insert from the drugstore) to cushion her foot and teach her not to chew at it, or you could make a hammock/sling that she can lay nest-like in with a sort of velcro'd cover to keep her secure so she doesn't have to brace herself while traveling. it could be secured to the outside of her crate with straps with little loops at the end that go through the crate holes and then a dowel or pen or smth to hold the sling in place. I don't know if these are viable options but wanted to tell you about my thought in case they are and will help.

    • Buddy The yeeting bird

      Hey birdtricks, I am getting a conure and realised how much everything they need costs ,which I am fine with but I started thinking about getting a parrot play-stand and while looking I found how expensive they can be! I have already spent a lot of money on everything and while looking for a cheaper alternative I found wooden cat posts with little beds and places for the bird to play and seen how much cheaper they where but I don’t want to hurt my bird in any way and wanted to ask an experienced bird owner if this would be safe for birds? Anyway if you read this thank you for your time and I would really appreciate it if you could help me find and answer to my question thanks!

    • Muhammad Fareezwan

      Please make a video about sun conures

    • 0043habara

      is it possible to repair her foot by surgery?

    • Cecil B.

      My Quaker flys across my house to get to me. He escapes his cage tho and wakes me up at 7

    • mygirlcheech85

      I got my bird tricks clicker 🙌!i ordered 1 but they sent me 3 . I'm wondering if i should send the other 2back?! No bird yet. but i want to be prepared . I'm about to adopt a Quaker, and a sun with aggression issues. They are both in the same cage, bonded. How should i approach day one???? 😕😮 Jesus take the wheel😀😱😵. I'm just a tad nervous i don't know why I've owned birds all my life.i know so much more now! Once we know better, we do better. Right!.

    • Will Blue Animal Training

      i know this isnt related to this video, but i have 4 ferrets 3 sugar gliders and 5 birds. you have greatly influenced the way i train my animals and will love to share the progress of my untame sugar glider colony transition to a tame one 🙂 thank you so much Birdtricks.

    • Joseph Monforte Jr.

      Where did u get the music from at the end of the video

    • Joan Coughey

      While I don’t have any birds of my own, I love to watch birds, they are so beautiful. You, your husband and daughter are so skilled when working with birds. I am most impressed with your kindness, love, and affection you show all birds. You guys are so generous and patience with your time to help others provide the best life possible for their birds. I have so much respect for the love and training you Give so they have the best life possible. Keep it up! You guys rock it!!!

    • LPS Collie

      Oh an Great Intro!

    • LPS Collie

      Man that’s so cool! I hope to get a macaw like that one day. Until then I’ll be home with all my threee cockatiels

    • Camdyn Zeeb

      Ur daughter is so cute

    • Ciera Lattea

      What treats do you use for your birds

    • laken dulaney

      wait her hair is dyed

    • laken dulaney

      awww capri is an amazing cameraman awww!

    • xXBrittany20Xx

      Lefty looks so happy with Capri.

    • Tarra Raby

      Thats awesome 🙂
      Still really want a dove video!

    • Haya72x

      How did you dye capri’s hair? I wanna do that to mine it’s a really pretty color !

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