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Parrots scream with amazing attraction! Most people love parrots and they kept them in their homes.
Similarly, this video contains parrots in my cage. They are very beautiful and listening them gives mental relaxation.
There are various types of parrots in my cage and they are all very beautiful. Their variegated colors make them more and more beautiful.
Thre are 393 various species of parrots and I plan to have most of them. Their diet is very important and the most important components of most parrots’ diets are seeds, nuts, fruit, buds, and other plant material.
They often use their bills for climbing by gripping or hooking on branches and other supports. On the ground, parrots often walk with a rolling gait.
They require several years to reach maturity, produce one or very few young per year, and do not necessarily breed every year.
Parrots are being subject to more exploitation than any other group of birds and we should counter it by working together 
My next videos will also contain funny Parrots Videos Compilation and their cute moments.
I am a dedicated owner looking after these bird’s wellbeing to the very best of their abilities, absolutely beautiful to see.
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