Tilly is talking more and more so I’m working hard to get it on camera 😊. Ash and Wasabi are getting along great. My poor Sammy is still the odd girl out. Tilly and Sammy are now caged next to each other and Ash and Wasabi are next to each other. Sammy is also starting to use the hanging toys. Mostly when Wasabi runs her off. I’m glad she’s learning not to be afraid of them.

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    5 replies to "My Quaker parrots I changed the bird room, again."

    • Jamie Williams

      Love it 😍

    • Jo Otten

      Can't believe how clean your bird cages are …mine don't look like that lol 😂 you have inspired me to do that tomorrow 👍

    • Tom

      great video bro

    • Tom

      awesome video it was really good

    • Sadie GCC

      Yay! I'm first!

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