Spending Mother’s Day with my Feather & Fur Babies

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    • Kathlee Essig

      Aww George 💘

    • itsybitsyreborns 7

      What a beautiful bird and I am so happy that you shared him with us. It is hard to believe that he is 17 yrs old. Wow. He definately would feel like a family member. Isn't it amazing the human emotions that animals and birds have, like George becoming depressed with the passing of your dog. We are their family and they attach themselves to every member of it. Bentley is such a cutie pie. Give him a hug from Aunt Heid. Thank you for sharing. Hugs. Xxoo

    • The Empty Nest Reborn Doll Nursery

      oh i love him, i had an African Grey a couple of yrs ago. i am wanting a Scarlet Macaw one day

    • Phyllis Davis

      PristalinaD- Hi aww that's so cute .he is cute pretty green color you have sweet pets nice video

    • Lori’s Creations 2017

      George is awesome, is he camera shy? Lol

    • BottleBabies Reborns

      Amazons are excellent talkers! I’m owned by a goffins(7yrs) and medium sulphur crested cockatoo(23yrs). My goffin, Dingleberry, jabbers a lot like George. My sulphur crested cockatoo,Sprout, was very sick as a baby and has cerebral palsy. She didn’t ever talk and in all honesty, we thought she was retarded. I don’t mean that in a bad or derogatory manner. A few years ago, I had a home health nurse she loved! The nurse came over one day and didn’t see me. When she asked the home health aid where I was and before she could answer, Sprout looked right at her and said “She’s sick. Check the bathroom!” It was as plain as day after 20 years of thinking she was truly retarded! She doesn’t chatter at all. But, she has a large vocabulary and will tell you things. The thing my neighbors get the biggest kick out of is she will give you a list of what she wants if you tell her you are going to the store. She 💗taking a shower! That’s a good thing since cockatoos are so dusty! The thing that surprises people the most is cockatoos love to cuddle and each one has a very distinct personality. Mine, like George, are also camera shy☺️.

    • Ginger's Reborns-n-More

      Happy Mothers Day. I love Parrots and had a parakeet and cockatiel when I was in my 20's and sadly found out I was allergic so I found a very good home for them with a lady who had all day to spend with them and no stress of toddlers running around all the time. Seabee the Cockatiel talked quite well. He fooled a few people when they called or knocked on the door, by answering Hello and saying come in, etc… he was a character. lol Really enjoyed watching George and Bentley. 💖🤗

    • Catherine Johnson

      Happy Mother's day…hugs and kisses to George and Bentley!!!

    • Tammie Hughes

      Happy Mother's Day and so enjoyed seeing George such a treat and Bentley, love and God Bless!!❤️🥀☺️

    • Teddies *&* Tots Playpen

      I love the long video of George <3 I have 2 little parakeets and they are just as messy with their food and feathers on the floor. 😉

    • Mamaw’s lil’ ducklings Nursery

      Awe thank you for sharing, he’s beautiful!

    • Donelda's Darlings

      George is a beautiful parrot, his singing is so cute. So funny because one of my reborn's name is George. Happy Mother's Day.❤️🇨🇦

    • Tracy's Baby World

      Beautiful! I have a Sun Conure Parrot. He is very spoiled and very beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!!

    • Maribet Robles

      Happy mother's Day

    • Maribet Robles

      She loved me until I clipped her wings and she never let me near her again. I still love her.

    • Maribet Robles

      I have one I rescued, and we have a love hate relationship, I love her she hates me! LOL

    • Astral wolf Jenny

      love parrots my moms bro had a few always wanted a cockatoo i had a few conure parrots a friend had an African grey hated the sound of my power chair would growl if i went near her

    • Rita Holmes

      happy Mother's Day and you are blessed to have George I love George hey George from North Carolina!


      Happy mothers day. My dad would. Love your bird

    • Mary C

      He's wonderful! I have two kitties – Buddy and Bitty. Thank you for sharing your George.

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