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kakapo, (Strigops habroptilus), also called owl parrot, giant flightless nocturnal parrot (family Psittacidae) of New Zealand. With a face like an owl, a posture like a penguin, and a walk like a duck, the extraordinarily tame and gentle kakapo is one of strangest and rarest birds on Earth.

The kākāpō (/ˈkɑːkəpoʊ/ KAH-kə-poh;[3] Māori: [kaːkaːpɔː];[4] from the Māori: kākāpō, lit. ’night parrot‘), also known as owl parrot (Strigops habroptilus), is a species of large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrots of the super-family Strigopoidea, endemic to New Zealand.[5

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Bents Sadiwa says:

Cutie naman🥰

Emily Legaspi says:

Cutie nman nian 🥰
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Rhellen De Vera says:

Kakaibang bird naman po niyan ✳️🪴GODspurpose LOVE RAMOS 💋SIEGMARK #14 ♥️THE EXPAT LIFE 101🌿🌱 GODspurpose 💋LOVE RAMOS♥️ SIEGMARK #14 ✳️🪴 THE EXPAT LIFE 101🌿🌱

chen naron says:

Laking ibon 😮
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Katherine mae Castillo says:

Galing GODSpurpose Love Ramos❤️ SEIGMARK#14 ❤️EXPAT LIFE 101

Mj & Jed vlogs says:

Cute naman yan May ganyan pala bird GODSpurpose Love Ramos SIEGMARK #14 ❤️ THE EXPAT LIFE 101 ❤️

Gemma Donacao🌸 says:

Ang cute nman godspurpose love Ramos siegmark 14 the expAt Life 102

SHEN PIMENTEL💫Gala Girl's💫 says:

Wow so awesome and amazing bird so cute..
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Rose Marie S says:

Kakapo bird is so cute & smart…GODspurpose Love Ramos Siegmark #14 The Expat Life 101

bunso illongga says:

Laki nmn Ng ibon na Yan… Godspurpose LOVE Ramos ❤️ SIEGMARK #14 😎 THE EXPAT LIFE 101😎

mjoy limos says:

Anlaking ibon nmn Nyan, tamang lakad lng❤️❤️ godspurpose love Ramos ❤️ seigmark #14❤️ EXPAT LIFE 101

💚Catherine S. Miram💚 UTPh&NENA says:

Wow now lang ako nakita Ng ibon na napaka laki.. GODspurpose love Ramos and siegmark Uno #14 the EXPAT life 101

Dolores Pio says:

Ang cute naman ng ibon na yan from GODspurpose LOVE RAMOS SIEGMARK14 THE EXPAT LIFE 101

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