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    11 replies to "OMG!!😑Big Win!!?🤔They Offered Parrot Jungle Egg Adds🥳Quick Yes Or No?🥰😳"

    • Mahathi S

      ppl say, if u type ur fav yt's name 5 times u get pinned
      Lemon Playz
      Lemon Playz
      Lemon Playz
      Lemon Playz
      Lemon Playz

    • Crawldownthere

      trading fr parrot

    • nathan nowak

      Little Lose

    • 𝓖𝓪𝓒𝓱𝓐_𝓕𝓸𝓧𝔂𝓪

      U think Its Fair! Cool
      Btw Trading ride Deinonychus,ocean Egg
      If anyone want to offer Please Reply me Ty!

    • NewbieBlox

      I'd say Lose, I think a Mega Fury worth Frost and Evil as it's worth more than Mega Turtle.

    • idkツ

      Well this lose:(
      Btw trading normal snow owl!

    • Lily

      If you have a frost dragon or a mega frost fury I will offer a mega snow owl and a neon snow owl for one of them, please reply

    • Yea boi

      Trading Goldhorn and Snow owl

    • Levys Tocci

      Trading NFR Fury, normal octopus, and cure all potion for nfr turtle or nfr cow

    • 𒊹︎Raja and Ryan𒊹︎

      Trading farm egg 🙂

    • VoidPlays shorts

      Lose for now win in future!
      Also trading list:
      -silly duck (normal)
      -chicken (normal)
      -aussie egg
      -neon otter

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