What a nice day for them, I’m so glad she came to visit them again. Thanks Sal 🤗
Umbrella cockatoo singing and dancing so cute

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    11 replies to "OMG Joseph & Tiago was excited to see their mommy- umbrella cockatoo"

    • Katey Henderson

      That cute little poo whine. So adorable

    • Trachycarpus Fortunei

      That Cocatoo is so ugly!

    • kittens😻

      I fckin love Joseph

    • susan day

      Why do cockatoo'd do their tongues? like that?

    • susan day

      Whatever is going on all I know is life is too short to be with someone who cheats, if they truly love each other they will be together, if not they each will find true happiness, goodluck

    • Joy Angelica Kwa Hsiu yin

      Sal I love your smile so beautiful…..sal it's so beautiful to bond with es your hubby and Joseph and Tiago…. 100% thumps up for cockatoo luck videos….. Remember he loves you..joseph as well as Tiago… Tiago is good boy…. I think he misses you sal as much as joseph….. He is much better now than that time…. Remember he used to say quiet quiet quiet 3xs………

    • Me Plife

      hello gorgeous family… the boys sure love you both.

    • Susan Sanderson

      Sal should take Joseph

    • Babo Bot

      What a cutie

    • Sunshine Always


    • Sunshine Always

      LOVE TO YOU ALL <3 🙂

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