A cockatoo working on a puzzle board. They have the intelligence of a 3+ yr old child. You must allow a cockatoo as much out of cage time and enrichment as possible to keep them happy and healthy.

Not just for your companions but for yourself. Explore enjoy, and enrich your life, take it all in!

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Onni loves and appreciates correspondence!
Onni Bird Stout
5928 Hixson Pike
suite A-188
Hixson, TN 37343
Anything sent to him will be featured in videos.

Read my Birds USA article!!

Be safe!
Aviator Harness: http://amzn.to/2h9DSVA
Flight Suit (bird diaper by Avian Fashions): http://amzn.to/2h9cffz

Oh yeah, have fun browsing Onni’s cool little store!

***Make sure that if you get a pet bird they are captive bred or from a shelter***

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    30 replies to "Onni And Puzzle Play"

    • Yasser mushtaq

      حاسبي ابنكم اوني المحبوب

    • mangla bandiwar

      At what cost could a cockatoo(baby) can be buy at pet shop?

    • Winter Breeze


    • 1Jack Valley

      How about purchasing some small stainless steel locks etc and drilling holes and attaching them to a board. It would be easy to do and really safe because it's stainless steel.

    • Shelly Rae

      Now playing: The Heist starring Onni Stout

    • Andrew Smith

      Lol…. ONNI MASTER LOCKSMITH! He'll be out of his cage no bother after all that practice lol, bless him.

    • Cecilia Hinojosa

      Muy inteligente saludos

    • Sally A.

      He really is concentrating on that puzzle piece. Good activity for him.

    • Gehan Habeshy

      Love you buddy 🤗🤗😘😘😚😙

    • Citizen 1

      Wish I had one of those even knowing my Too would destroy it.

    • Gamer Jema

      Such passion!!

    • Tee Tee


    • Amber Welch

      Brilliant idea for a bird toy. Hopefully a savvy bird owner or a company like Bonka bird toys will make a stainless steel version for birds.

    • Jane Dudynsky

      Hi Rebecca and Onni! Onni, are you practicing on how to lock and unlock? I bet you have a plan to escape your cage. 😃👍👍👍

    • Luis Pacheco

      Onni love!💙

    • Rubber Dub

      Hi folks it's me onni your favourite cockatoo , say how many of my Beautiful fan's could do this at my age…mom keep the camera rolling let's give em a show …🐦

    • Lisa Dowdle

      Rebecca you are so good to Onni!

    • T,s World

      And there's nothing Onni can't get into…lol

    • Patricia Helsel

      Haha onni the lock picker

    • Les Brown

      I am going to reengineer this stupid thing.
      Damn stupid humans.
      Lock picking.

    • Beverley Kean

      Can't you replace all that hardware with stainless steel hardware?

    • Kristine N

      I REEALLY want this for my bird…. I know you can buy stainless steel at the hardware store…..hmmmm….could you replace some of the hardware? PS….where did you get this board anyway?

    • SK

      This bowling pin is relentless.

    • Me Plife

      hello sweet Onni… that's sure keeping him occupied there Rebecca.

    • Tauboga 84

      Hey, das ist ja ein tolles Spielzeug für Onni😉 Immer wieder beeindruckend wie geschickt Papageien mit ihrem Schnabel Dinge öffnen und aufschrauben können😄🔩👍👍

    • Shirley Dutes

      Hello Onni mummy daddy and family pray y’all had a great vacation someone is busy playing oooo that puzzle looks very interesting got his full attention

    • ICloudydust

      Aww! Onni is such a smart bird! I imagine almost half the locks are broken now though, right? 😂 Still, congratulations on 100,000+ subs. I made you some art right by your Twitter, so I hope you like it. 😁🐦

    • Marlene Valle

      Onni is so adorable. New subscriber. Love your channel.

    • Kathy Swaney

      Onni, Missed you💖💖

    • S N H

      In Youtube, I only like Onni: male and Harley: female. Both are critters of good attitude & smart. You know how to train and educate your pet.

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