Our Amazon parrot missed me this week.

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Sorry I haven’t uploaded a new video in a few weeks. I was busy leaving extra early in the morning working as a birding tour guide and selling artwork late into the evenings. It’s only for one week out of the year, but it was the first time since we brought Mummer home that I haven’t been home most of the day.

Mummer missed me while I was out. I always had dogs so I kind of expected excited happy greetings when I was finally home…But birds are not like dogs, they don’t forget the moment they see you that they are mad at you and why. It takes work to earn their “forgiveness” the same as when you had a fight with your significant other!

He didn’t hold back in showing how upset he was with me this week.

First it started with him being really quiet and ignoring me, instead going to my husband who kept him company all week. Into coming over to me but having this quiet aggressive posture, being almost silent kind of having ruffled feathers, with eyes pinning on me more than normal. Sometimes doing a “creepy” laugh he does when he’s agitated. (It’s not the same as his happy laugh).

So I decided to record a video once I was home getting back to our normal routine to see the changes in his demeanor.

Right now he’s back to himself. Just a little more clingy with me than he was before. He hasn’t left me alone!

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Sharrie S. says:

Cutie pie 🥰🥰🥰

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