See how I have my parrot cages set up
A tour of the bird cages!
Popeye Carrying His Parrot Cages
Recorded at East Coast Natureworld, Tasmania.
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My African grey Esther shows how much she loves me by regurgitating for me and showing me breeding behavior I show you what to do next
Amigo, a yellow-naped Amazon parrot, singing Happy Birthday during the High Flyers show at Jurong Bird Park. Video: Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Prints available here! Amazon parrot created using the following – – Winsor and Newton black India ink – Dr Ph Martin’s Liquid Hydrus watercolour in Hansa deep yellow, Hansa yellow Medium, Blue Aqua and [More]
My sweet Olga saying hi to Safiri, Balinese cat
Our new 2 year old Blue Front Amazon
Parrots can learn super fast! This amazon learned a retrieve in less than 30 minutes. Here is a clip of him starting the behavior and where he ended up before we ran out of time [More]
when parrot disguise in cat group
Parrot School