Probably my favorite moment at the park yesterday. Spent some time sitting in a quiet area with no one around just chatting with a friendly pair of DYH amazon parrots.
First: I don’t like the word “CAGE” – it sounds ugly and heartless for me. Therefore I tried to give my birds a natural home – a “villa rusticana” :-))) I arranged the cage in [More]
Recording Audio with Rode VideoMic. Il suono degli uccelli al mattino presto. Bird vocalization includes both bird calls and bird songs. In non-technical use, bird songs are the bird sounds that are melodious to the [More]
When it snows I feed the birds on the ledge outside my kitchen window. I placed my Flip video camera on the ledge to see what I could capture. My cats enjoy watching and listening [More]
Amazing Basketball Birds Full Court Basketball with four Parrots! Outrageous! Fun! Like no other! “2 on 2” and “1 on 1”
Here are presented the following bird songs (some names sound pretty weird, esp. to a German native speaker): 00:00 blackbird 00:31 blue tit 00:49 great tit 01:09 yellowhammer 01:38 hoopoe 01:49 skylark 02:12 nightingale 02:41 [More]
Parrot and Bird Toys and Props for training found on
Bobby learning how to forage with his new toy. For more information visit
http://www.educatedtouch.comFB Profile: Fan Page: Nathan Nordstrom is a graduate of East West College. He is a nationally certified continuing education provider for Educated Touch. Mr. Nordstrom currently teaches at the University of Western [More]
Amazon parrot is the common name for a parrot of the genus Amazona. These are medium-size parrots native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Most Amazon parrots are [More]
Booker the Red Lored Amazon Parrot goes crazy when he’s on the kitchen shelf
Meet Tobago, a 7-mos Panama Amazon parrot. She’s an acrobat and loves to swing, play with bells, and run all over her gym. She plays non-stop from morning to night and has an unbeatable personality! [More]
Chica, our Double Yellow Head Amazon parrot loves to talk & show off…here she is hamming it up once again.
Loki brings you the trials and tribulations of being an African Grey Parrot in this short film. He begins in his happy place but finds himself conflicted there in the middle for a bit. Then, [More]
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