The parrot’s pictures are taken by my father but the pizza is cooked by my mother.
Kili the Senegal Parrot. Her first set of tricks including wave, shake head no, nod head yes, fetch, bowling, and the bat. You can no…
Professional parrot trainer, Chet Womach, discusses one of the HUGE secrets for getting results when training parrots to get results faster.
Maurice and Lillian Baum share their reviews and opinions of Chet Womach’s parrot training course after attending one of Chet Womach’s parrot training seminars.
Sami, Alex, shimi and bamia watch joe play in the box.
Check more out of Marie and Burnham Park Animal Hospital at
Alex le Perroquet du Docteur Pepperberg PENSE !!!
Maxence Parrot run in round 2 at the O’Neill Evolution Big Air 2013. We’re bringing you the latest snowboard runs from the 6Star Big Air evont in Davos, Switzerland. Stay tuned for all runs from [More]
A curious parrot has some fun with this laser pointer. It would be pretty cool to have a pet like that!
Part 3 of 4 – Cleaning out my bird cage.
In this video we’d like to show you the quality and beauty of the cages we offer. We want to convey the unique look and feel our cages have by using live bir…
Conures in a large cage (in my room)
Immature redtailed hawk came down in the yard to check out my parrot. The bars are too narrow for big hawk feet, so the parrot was safe. He was biting the ha…
Here are some helpful tips to consider when cleaning a bird cage. On His Parrots طوطے
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