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cockatoo dancing to the music #shorts
【Parakeet diary】 I will post casual days with my beloved bird. May the charm of birds spread. 【インコ日記】 愛鳥と何気ない日々を投稿します。 鳥の魅力が広がりますように。 ▽Instagram▽ ▽Twitter▽ #whitebelliedcaique #caique #white #parrot #bird #conure #シロハラインコ #インコ #オウム #鳥 #中型インコ
Bruce lost his beak in human trap. He now uses stones to live his best life. #kea #parrots #animals ******************************************* You Love Animal Videos? Subscribe To Us Here: Watch Other Popular Videos:​ – [More]
Facts About Kea Parrot In Urdu/Hindi | انسانوں سے محبت کرنے والا انتہاءی ذہین پرندہ
Kea in Fiordland National Park takes GoPro for a flight. “To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please contact”
खून पीने वाला तोता Kea parrot | blood drinking parrot | Birds #short #shorts #qtfacts
world’s most intelligent parrot prodigy parrot alex the parrot african gray parrot intelligence world’s smartest parrot alex parrot smart parrot parrots alex the parrot’s last words wildlife albert einstein (author) alex the smartest parrot in [More]
red soldar macaw / Rad lori / rainbow lori / eclectus parrot / jardine parrot / sun coneure রেড সোল্ডার ম্যাকাও / র‌্যাড লরি / রেইনবো লরি / ইলেক্টাস প্যারোট / জার্ডিন প্যারট / সান [More]
birds can use their right and left eyes for different tasks and their brains can literally focus on two things at once. Like their brain can process how to navigate to reach that tiny piece [More]
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