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I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the bird products I regret buying!

Things NOT to buy for your bird:

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Fina’s world says:

Hi Sophie, I bought the window perch with plastic screen and feeders from Northern parrots, I thought it was really cute but my parrotlets hate it🙁😂

Strawbelle says:

ahh what a shame that your playgym didnt work out for you guys! my parakeets had an extremely similar one , was one of their favorite things! we did add other things to it though, which makes sense . plus them being a lot smaller than the cockatiels

Dj Girl says:

Thanks for the info!im going to get a cockatiel next week.your videos always educate me!

Rae B says:

Yay! A British bird enthusiast! So happy I found you on here and lovely to see your feathered friends! I am just starting out so this video is super helpful, thank you!

Dorkus Americanus says:

I bought so many things for my birds that I regret buying. One thing that I really regret buying is this seethru plastic hard bird backpack that I kept seeing all over Amazon, with a bubble that the bird was supposed to sit in. Well it turned out that there were these inch wide holes all over the side that i couldn’t figure out how to plug up so I could take the bird out in the backpack. But it didn’t matter anyway, because the bird HATED it and refused to go inside. Like I mean acted like he was going to be MURDERED every time I tried to train him to go into it. Unlike any other carrier I tried to put him in. Probably a good thing anyway, as I later found out that these plastic bubble bird backpacks act as a kind of an oven for birds, so you have to get a mini fan to put inside. No way would he put up with sharing that tiny space with a fan also. I ended up selling it for half of what I paid for it on a local blog to someone with a small dog.

Dorkus Americanus says:

Instead of a java tree stand, I got my birds a grapevine branch on Etsy for $68, which they LOVE. They spend all day flying to it and hanging out on it. They adore it. Let me know if you want a link to it and I will send it to you because I think for the price it’s the best deal out there

Tanya F says:

can i ask where did you get your bird necklace? thank you

Murshida Afroz says:

Hello Sophie! <333 I wanna ask you a question. How can I recognize if a baby cockatiel is a boy or a girl? Cause I want a baby cockatiel pair <333

Vanessa Farber says:

Hi Sophie, I've just bought loads of toys from parrot essentials. Anyway, one is a sea grass foraging wall. After watching this, I'm a bit concerned as it has an awful smell. I'm thinking it may be because its a natural sea grass wall? Can you let me know please. Cang explain the smell x

YupThatsMe says:

Hey Sophie so I’m kinda really panicking rn so I’m sorry if this doesn’t make since,
Literally less than five minutes ago , I was out speaking to my mom and I all the sun den heard short squeaking and wings flapping, i look over and my conure is flailing on the floor, next to a sliding glass door. I don’t think he flew into it because the injury’s don’t make since. he flys, but only ever flys if he gets spooked. I also worked with him on flying a bit indoors so in case he does fly, he can fly well and not get hurt. I tried grabbing him but I started getting a panic attack so my mom had to grab him. (I’m sure I wasn’t helping by panicking but this was the first time something has happened to him[it’s also the first time I have gotten a panic attack) I was trying to tell my mom to check if he was talking but it was hard to speak.. my dad heard me screaming and crying, so he came out of his office(I’m trying to tell you as much as possible because I don’t think it would make since if I didn’t) i just was able to say"check if choking" my mom looked in his mouth the best he could, their was not anything apparent. After about 30 secs, which felt like a eternity he noticed the was a small amount of blood on the side of his head, I told her that’s about where his ear is because she doesn’t know much about bird anatomy. So my dad called the aviary vet, they weren’t open…. I wished he would have asked them what to do but he didn’t.. that’s why I’m asking you…

The bleeding I think has stopped, and think it’s coming from his ear.. I think he was stunned or in shock.. we have no idea what happened. We have a dog yes, but she was over next to us and she wouldn’t attack him…he would most likely attack her😅. I watched your medical care video but a can’t remember what you said to do. I’ll watch it right after I finish writing this. He’s in his cage rn. His head seam to be sore (as you would expect) Bc every time I trying to pet his he flinches and try’s to bite. His eyes seems to be swollen as well. We will probably call the vets again tomorrow if nothing improves.

Please tell me if there anything I can do, I’m really panicking😭😭

ornithology dude says:

I can recommend a falconry perch, it's accurate. It has AstroTurf on it though..

The playgyms I have are cool, never smelt like fish 😆. I use it to strap toys to it and I made one into a play sand!

Cool video!

Yamuna devi says:

I have exactly the same travel cage and my birds don’t mind it at all, I use it to take them in and out of the aviary during nicer weather. I’ve bought so many toys that are too hard for my birds to chew on, thinking they looked fun 🙄. And none of my birds like any kind of nut either. The classic bird bath the hooks on the side of a cage was 👎🏼 for me too

Meg Conroy says:

I just accidentally bought a giant sisal rope toy x 2. Like 10ft long. My husband was not impressed. I'm thinking of hanging it from the ceiling though…create something out of it. 😬😂🤦‍♀️

Archie’s Flock says:

super helpful video! Archie’s travel cage is super similar to that one, it’s a pain..

Love of Pets says:

I had some regrets over the years with toys and playstands.

Livi says:

Another great video! Will you make a video about birds and Christmas trees? I got a cockatiel a couple months ago and we have a cheap, fake Christmas tree that I just know I will not be able to to stop him from chewing. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives?

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