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Hey parrot lovers,

This week’s video is all about money saving! It’s that painful time of year where money is tight and it’s tough to make ends meet after the festive spending!

So I thought it’d be useful to make a video with some tips on saving money on your parrot supplies/making them last longer!

Links to relevant sites down below!

As usual, any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!

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Sherri's Little Gang says:

Great video

Sam Hewer Hewitt says:

Hello david just a quick question should you play conures there own bird noises

Candice T says:

The hacks r cool!! And I just put a 2 diy toys in for Maya and 1 for Tiki and Maya loves them so far and I haven't seen Tiki play with them yet probably bc it's still new
I normally just mix apple cider vinegar and water for the cleaning
Recycling toys r cool too
Awesome vid!! Chippy and Fishy r so adorable in the vid 😀


Chip looked extra fluffy today! ♥ I recently learned that my cockatiels really enjoy a slice of those deep red "Christmas apples" that I anyway buy for myself during the winter 🍎 This is a relief for me because they haven't really shown interest in a lot of other fruit and veggies. Have Fish & Chip tasted that kind of apple? I think the "brand name" is Red Delicious™

An G's Feathered Friends says:

Good stuff!

Yesid Tac says:

Very good friend

りょうとオカメインコの日常ch. says:


ornithology dude says:

Cool stuff!

Pixi Sawyer says:

You guys are awesome!!!

BirdNerdSophie says:

Save money, so we can spend more money on them yes? 😁

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