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    29 replies to "Parrot Wizard YouTube Channel Intro"

    • Γιάν έλος

      Where did you get the perch? Plz answer!

    • Violet Spence

      I have an African grey

    • Miriam Galvez


    • demon skull


    • Faizan Mehmood

      Wow i love parrots and I will get a parrot soon and train them

    • Africking Loser

      wizards be like:

      read more


    • Morgan Smitley

      Ummmmmm are you single haha

    • Teodors Muižnieks

      You talk like robot.

    • Hi Hello

      Your not a parrot wizard your a parrot god

    • Luna Lovegood

      I absolutely adore evrything you do for your birds. A year ago I got two budgies and they were the most skiddish, disobedient birds you would ever meet. If you moved at all around them, they would freak out and fly ariund the room screaming. It was incredibly difficult to get them back into the cage and they hated everything to do with people. I was almost completely sure that I was going to give them back to the old owner, but then I stumbled across your channel and decided to check out your website. I found your book, and the second I looked at the table of contents, I was sold. It had absolutely everything I needed. The shipping was quick, I got it 4 days ago, which was 3 days after I ordered it. Even though I have only been working with my birds for 2 days, they are about ten times friendly, calmer, happier and healthier. I have discovered their amazing capacity to learn and it is one of the best feelings when they don't fly away when I come towards them withiut treats. They are fantastic a targeting even though we have only started working on it yesterday. We are currently working on step up and they are doing fantastic. The old owner was using the stick method for stepping up, and this book taught me that that was why they were scared to step up. They are doing do well, your book was a life saver. I really thank you, I love my birds and hated the idea of giving them up but I thought I simply wasn't capable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Zunair Birds

      Eid Mubarak to you

    • Random channel 123281906

      What happened to ur mouth, teeth is on one side


      Good broadcasts I like and do not forget I've touched everything for by by greetings from Indonesia

    • Jonathan Martinez

      wow your the best

    • Flower Bin

      Thank you for all of your hard work. I am hoping you can help me with information about transporting my pet African grey parrot to Germany when my husband gets orders for his new job in grafonwoehr. I am doing the Cites application now. Have you transported your birds when you teach classes there? I would be so thankfull for any wisdom.

    • GKDPlayz

      You kiled a parrot you suck

    • PanFishing101

      you just got another sub

    • ღIndigo Shineღ

      I love your channel

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Awwwwwwww,sooooooooo cute birds!❤❤❤

    • moved

      I have a parrot also it's a big parrot on ur hand it's the same one her name is peedee

    • Ryan Bevington

      i bought your merch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IOICT

      I have a cockateal and he is a absolute cutie and a beauty, i hope your channel with be of help

    • Potato Gamer

      I wish if i can buy your book i would read all of it also im 13 years old and i have been doing reaserch alot about parrots and i am thinking of buying big parrots like macaw's and cockatoo's do you think it would be ok if i get one?

    • Aki The Siren


    • QuartzX

      1:37 Dab

    • Sahin Sarkar

      you have cut his wings. if yes how.

    • ko tên

      I am Vietnamses but I like you to train your parrot and the channel gave me a lot of experience in raising and training parrot. I very thank you

    • Juan Solorza

      Quiero un loro pero vivo en Colombia cono lo puedo consequir

    • Green Light Zone

      Why are you not making videos for howcast anymore?

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