Parrots & Cockatiels Singing Hit Songs FUNNY BIRDS COMPLILATION

The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna

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the Original VIDEOS LINK:
This parrot singing Rihanna is all you need to see today
Cockatiel Sings iPhone Ringtone
Cockatiel lip-syncing “Dilemma” by Nelly & Kelly
My Cockatiel singing He’s Pirate and Star Wars Imperial March
The parrot imitates Pavarotti
I wish I were this happy as this bird
Parrot singing Gangnam style
Parrot sings Eagles fight song
Parrot singing praises….hallelujah!
Bird Singing Into A Cup
Hugo Parrot singing Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
Cockatiel parrot, Coco, sings Opera Mozart Queen of the Night
Rocky My Harlequin Macaw Singing Then Demands a Treat! | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY
Parrot Singing Opera!!
Polly Rhythm (Bruce Adolphe’s parrot) sings with Dawn Upshaw in background
Harley the cockatiel singing and dancing to “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire
My Parrot singing and dancing Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Green funny parrots singing and whistling
Parrot singing chinese song (妹妹坐船头)
Monkey has mind blown by singing parrot
bird sings a meme

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    14 replies to "Parrots & Cockatiels Singing Hit Songs FUNNY BIRDS COMPLILATION"

    • Kayleigh Rachel

      7:41 turning halelujah in a screemo song HAHAH

    • Animalowner1 208

      Yea birds sing better than people

    • Krystian Kozłowski

      the bird was more in tune than Rihanna is leve

    • Pixel Arter

      What’s the need for humans singing when parrots sing better than us T_T

    • Aaron Dixson

      I cant even sing the the green bird that sang im freinds with the monster

    • jean04100

      punaise, je suis mort de rire, ils sont vraiment adorables ces oiseaux, ils ont vraiment l'oreille , même s'ils n'ont on pas musicale

    • Toxic Sweatz

      Nobody is gonna talk abt the last bird😂😂🐦

    • Calvin Wijaya

      When birds sing even better than you……. Damn it….

    • Addison BROWN

      The second bird is so clever

    • TMNGC Anthony

      Why is the second bird not on X Factor

    • It’s Nahomy

      I think these birds sing better than me

    • PheonixProductions Gacha

      How it said "im friends with the monster thats under my bed, get along with the VOICES! Its so beautiful!

    • Light Fox

      It's singing better than me!!🤣

    • sushikitty1

      People: birds can’t sing opera

      Bird: 😅 yea I don’t think so

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