Pearl the cockatiel breaks a blood feather and we attempt to treat it. Broken blood feathers are a fairly common injury for cockatiels. Fortunately in Pearl’s case, the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and we monitored the injury to make sure it stopped bleeding. We had flour on hand to stop the bleeding if necessary and the vet on standby. A few hours later and Pearl showed no ill effects and we decided to let the blood feather grow out on its own.

What to do about broken blood feather in bird?

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    26 replies to "Pearl the Cockatiel Has A Broken Blood Feather | Blood Feather Treatment"

    • Parakeet /lol family/ hatchimals Al Jendi tv

      Aw it is ok 😓 poor her

    • ngun hram

      Pearl can talk but you need to teach it

    • Peppermint Princess

      Awwww I am so sad for her 😥😥

    • Alicia Coste

      I hope she’s okay 💛

    • Jovie joy Junction

      Hope pearl gets well!

    • Bell Iron Fist

      I am scared that it will happen to my bird, because I have never had this happen to my bird, so I don’t think I could pull it out! We kind of had a blood feather scare, where I was playing with my cockatiel and I noticed a weird looking feather. It was a pin feather, but if it broke it would become a blood feather. My mom, dad, me and my sister were all examining the bird, and searching what to do but it turns out he’s okay.mits very scary when they get a blood feather 😢

    • the darkside of midnight

      i scroll down in the comments ans see soo much dramatic ones||||| me: IT'S NOT LIKE SHE'S GONNA DIE

    • Gacha_ Raven :3

      Oh my God okay. You know that feeling when you get jumpscared? I saw my notification and I was so scared but I'm am so so glad that pearl is ok!

    • Jeff Rendered

      This channel is really taking off! Congrats!

    • N I K K A T S U

      I have the same birds 😱

    • Lois. M Epstein

      Happy Pearl is OK. You did the right thing. Once a neighbor brought me her cockatiel that had the same thing.There was so much blood I could not find the base of the feather. I wrapped the bird on a towel and rushed him to the vet. He pulled the feather out and the bird was fine. He said to use a tweezer to pull it out.

    • Mily

      Good thing she is ok!!!

    • Mily

      Good thing she is ok!!!

    • Dianna Michalidas

      I’m so glad everything turned out to be okay! Thank God Pearl is okay 😊

    • Emily French

      Awwww the same thing happened to my cockatiel a couple days ago!😭😭😭💕💕💕

    • Rosita Minecraft zoomboom

      Cornstarch.. Works best

    • Nina Brand

      Why don’t you guys put your birds in the same cage?

    • Kira Bowie

      I'm glad Pearl is okay! And you too! My 'tiel Gilbee broke a blood feather when he fell off the ledge in hsi new cage. I was going to leave it, but like pearl it was at an odd angle & was bothering him. I wound up pulling it out & yes, Gilbee was NOT happy about that at all! XD And for a few days he was mad at me, but he got over it & when I took him to the vet for a check up, he said I did the right thing. I have to agree; the whole thing was just as scary & nerve wracking as you described!

    • Safilix

      what are the genders of ur bird?

    • Elizabeth Taura

      Aww my bird was bleeding to and from the wing😢😭

    • The Viewer

      I’m glad to see that pearls okay. It’s great to hear that you made an educated decision and assessed your own situation. I hope that pearl heals quickly!

    • Anupama Naidu

      Right even my bird had a blood feather broken and it was all gone by 3 days

    • Federico Lecis


    • Anonymous yy

      If u have birds, make sure to always have a first aid kit for them. For example my amazon parrots broke some blood feathers in the past and the kit came super handy. U can buy one for super cheap on amazon

    • Ella Webb

      When I saw this video in my notifications it scared me cause I know how dangerous it is to lose a blood feather

      I’m so happy she is ok

    • Parrot Pals

      NO NO NO NO NO NO 💔😨😰😱😭
      Hope you get better soon!🤧😢🦜🕊

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