What my birds usually do when they’re in the bathroom. Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ParrotTalkBC.

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    33 replies to "Peekaboo Parrots"


      I have one names Sunshine

    • Einstein Parrot

      I always enjoy your birdies!

    • NayOnFrames

      Those ‘ringneck’ parrots have the most awesome, sweet, and accurate diction that I’ve ever seen.

    • NayOnFrames

      – “Peekaboo”
      – “Want some more?”
      – “Aham” *Caresses* “Peekoo Peekoo Peekooo”
      Naughty parrot.

    • NikkiCaswell

      Your birds and dog seem so content (especially Bowie, it really shows in many of your videos) with you. I don’t blame you posting lots of videos of them.

    • Amy Leyland-jones

      Your birds are awesome

    • linglingyu00

      Love Bowie so much !!

    • ChanNy057

      Bowie’s so adorable. I’m big fan of your 🙂

    • YouLookism

      “wanna play???” THWREEE! hahaha cute

    • Transformersguy1000

      Bowie is so cute!

    • Bananakat96

      So cute, i watched this with my 2 1/2 year old niece and she repeated Bowie’s “tickle tickle!” and giggled xD xx

    • JimmyFoxhound

      His voice when he says “tickle tickle” is SO CUTE i love it!

    • lindsey butt

      thats so cute what pretty bird

    • Betsy Manning

      2 people can’t play peek-a-boo.


      The sweetest voice ever!!!

    • Bananajas1

      Bowie and the crazy eyes! so cute

    • bonnie kirshenberg

      Bowie… Elmo from sesame street sounds just like you.

    • Lee Simmons

      what a sweet little parrot. bowie is adorable.

    • ShikariGangstress

      Bowie makes me want one of his kind. 🙂

    • Joyeeta Bandyopadhyay

      So amazing!!!

    • Julie Bee

      Love bowie, he is so cute!!

    • Hanna E

      Pure cuteness!

    • chihuahuabulldog

      Thank you for the fid fix. Bowie is so sweet. Smokey and Koolaid were so sleepy, but not too sleepy for Koolaid to, once again, beat you to the count….THREE! Thank you for sharing.

    • Christiana Sill

      Aww sooo cuuute

    • 5nokli

      Oh he’s so pweshus! 🙂

    • Protoaves

      triple tickle in row = overload cuteness

      awwwww ♥

    • Fluffy288

      bowie is so freakin adorable

      btw why does his beak look so cracked?

    • tinti1984

      haha, he really does 😀

    • Anne Keating

      They are all so beautiful…..

    • Fatich

      pika pika pikachuuuuuuuuu!

    • mmeveldkamp

      Thank you! Really missed them! Koolaid was sleepy, so cute! Love your new (?) nails btw ;-)

    • Bilge Aksaç

      Aww that was heartwarming!

    • bannajirocks

      bowie has an amazing life !!

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