I love you. Petra! Woo! Clicks. “Fart sound” PETRA!!! “Fart” Clicks. Hello Petra. Woo. Come here step up. Good morning Petra. Come here step up. Woo.

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    24 replies to "Petra The African Grey unedited"

    • Kim Rodriguez

      PetraGrey, The Director’s Cut 🎬📣 🎥🎞 ❣️

    • Barbara Hagan

      Petra, is very beautiful l love clocking noise she makes. I would love to give you a big kiss. She is my favorite also I love Oscar a lot but always too quite.

    • Patricia Wells

      Plz review https://youtu.be/7NM7fjT9L7Y. Might be a good wood to help with Oscar’s overbite.

    • DarthRevan

      Oml soo adorable.

    • Les Brown

      Are one amazing bird!

      And a pretty girl!

    • Les Brown

      Petra writes dissertation.
      Petra wants degree!

    • Eveline Haanstra

      You're a good girl…

    • Avery Oz

      me on a mental breakdown

    • Jon K

      Is this a sneak peek for animal planet?? Petra is brilliant. One thing I would love to know – does Petra sing?

    • blueyou8

      0:15 hhahhahhahaha

    • April Taylor

      Beautiful Petra!

    • Funkyman

      Petra's Amazing! I made a Fiverr about my bird if you're interested in learning about it!

    • allison West

      Soo adorable..love hearing her speak..

    • Marisa S

      my budgie got pecked in the beak by my tiel and it looks like a tiny blood blister formed in the beak, anyway, she is watching Petra videos from her cage and resting and she is chirping when she sees Petra. i love that Petra doesnt just bring joy to us bored humans, but to our feathered flock as well <3

    • Marla Mitchell

      Ha ha it's like she stops and thinks about what she wants to say next! 😂😂 So cute!

    • Ohh yeah The goat man

      Guys pray for me my bird flew away yesterday and i want to find her 😫😔

    • MissB411

      Did…did she make fart noises? 😄😄

    • scrat 106 tomlinson

      Can Petra swim?

    • Edgy Nightmeme

      Petra sat so still there for a second I thought YouTube froze!
      Birds are so simple and yet incredibly complex at the same time. I’d love to have a cutie like Petra but I don’t think I’d have the commitment. At least I can watch her on YouTube!

    • KittyCat217

      Can you get Petra to meow for me? I'm not feeling too well. 🤢

    • kwutopia10

      I would just pop pop corn …or buy a large Pizza & salad and listen to Petra ALLLLL DAY ! 🤗😍😘😀😂🤣

    • lincolneagle

      Petra is very talkative with such great language skills. She is such a sweetheart!

    • Belinda Gowen

      Hello there sweetness. Being cute as always. I'm glad y'all are safe and not in the track of the hurricane. I live in Virginia. We r suppose to get rain and wind here. 🥜♥👀💟🦋

    • 7777LORENZO

      I just want to kiss you And Hug You Petra . Love you

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