Lazy Sunday afternoon. Missed the beginning of this classic @TheWho song but hey we got only a little singing in. Mood is everything 🙂

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    27 replies to "Pinball wiz"

    • MAD

      Great ending you two. Well done! 👍👍

    • Елена Ким

      Хозяин явно не умеет играть на гитаре, просто тренькает. )))

    • Ute at MMJ

      SOOO CUUUTE 😆😃🧡🧡🧡🧡😊

    • Petal Poppy

      Have you made provision in your will for Tico. He will probably out live you!

    • ぽちゃっちゅだんご


    • Meri Reić Čarija


    • Ирина Поликарпова


    • Anna Ševčíková


    • irina s.

      @ahhahhaahahhahaahahga wonderful

    • Out Of Time

      My main man Tico, you nailed it again buddy.

    • Raj Jathar

      Daily video from you; daily comment from me… Mine required a lot less talent 😊

    • Silverbush B

      For a moment he looked like he was thinking of flying toward the camera person (does he fly?)…!

    • enrico

      The best tico 👍💖🎸👍

    • rich ernest

      Better pitch than Roger..oops.

    • Miniature Chicken Channel

      @David Gordon David is Right! We need a Tico…behind the Music mini documentary 😍😍

    • Gabriela Vacarezza

      Lovely Tico You are a beautiful opera singer. I love you so much🦜👋❤️🤗❤️

    • Tobey Lindo

      Tico early training some Mozart and Beethoven:) try it. We wanna see all the glory in that high pitch tone of yours. Who knows might out do Mozart:)

    • Shelly Ann Lewis

      😂 I just love to see you both ❤️.

    • Mab dlV


    • Maria DeRosa

      Adorable! Talented bird! Great guitar playing too!

    • mynga b

      Listen to this sweet singer, make me smile and happy after long day of work. Thanks

    • Ludmila Cavalcanti

      Hahahaha hahahaha

    • Othmar Erlacher

      Awesome as usual 👏👏🌼🌼👍🙋

    • I am the 1

      Tico is a pinball wizard

    • Shelly Filippi

      He is always on time for practice. He loves that baby oh boy.

    • Jazz Almenas

      Love how he plays with his beak when he takes breaks in his performance!

    • johnybravo1705

      Tico's solo on the end

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