The Most Intelligent Birds In The World – Playful Kea Parrots

in this video, you can see Playful kea Parrot enjoying their peanuts, parrots always need some complex thing to play around with to keep them from boredom. To my fellow bird nerds, The kea, the world’s only alpine parrot, is a highly intelligent and inquisitive olive green mountain parrot that lives only in the Southern Alps. One of the most intelligent bird species in the world, kea are renowned for their playfulness and fearless nature, keas have olive-green plumage and you can Note scarlet underwings visible in flight. Females are smaller than males with shorter bills. Juveniles have a yellow eye ring and a paler crown. They give a distinct loud “keee-aaa” call, mostly in flight. they are considered omnivorous with a diet of berries, grasses, roots, insects, and the occasional mammal or bird. They also have a nickname called “naughty alpine parrot” This extremely intelligent bird knows how to be very crafty when it comes to finding or stealing food. The troublesome native parrot is known as the ‘Clown of the Alps’ They are one of the most intelligent birds in the world.
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    4 replies to "Playful Kea Parrots – The Most Intelligent Birds In The World"

    • Accumulator

      They're beautiful.

    • Brave Mountain

      I always loved those birds

    • Dom M

      I believe those are Keas, not Kakapos. Equally beautiful. Extremely intelligent also.

    • M B kumar


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