Basic Feather Differences of Powder Vs. Oil Based Preening – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Katie and I work with a golden cockatoo…

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    • AudreyB1992

      I’ve had both types of parrots & in my opinion, oil is better because it isn’t messy at all as far as dust getting all over the place, but the parrots with the powder based feathers have much softer & beautiful looking feathers than the oil based. It all depends on what matters most to you: 1.) A dust free home with a parrot whose feathers are not as pretty or 2.) A house full of dust if not vacuumed daily, but a beautiful parrot with soft smooth feathers to show for it. Hope that helped 🙂

    • gomotime

      so what is better powder or oil ??

    • warpwarrior312

      did you see dewey? he was MAD!!!!!! (in the begginning)

    • Silverb13

      Excellent speaker–Facts are succinctly presented and well-paced to capture my attention and keep it. Good use of bird-handling to demonstrate.
      I might suggest re-thinking the statement about oil-based birds being less of an allergan-trigger than powder-based, because while this may be true, my Budgies definitely trigger my allergic asthma, and I bet certain folks will misinterpret this as meaning the oil-based are NON-allergic. (I realize that’s NOT what you say, but none the less I can envis

    • FlowingDepths

      Very informative, thank you. I’m not sure if you said what the other two birds you were holding in the end were, but it would be nice to know for people who aren’t as familiar with parrots 🙂

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