There was a time when having a “birds’ brain” was considered to be an insult. But our avian friends have turned this into a mighty compliment. Crows, ravens, parrots, pigeons, and many more bird species have very well developed auditory as well as visual senses.

Pigeons have saved many lives during both the World Wars by acting as military messengers; crows possess excellent problem-solving abilities; and parrots have been proven to possess extensive communication skills, great memory and an intelligence quotient of a 5-year-old human. The most favored bird pet on the earth, parrot, has proven his intelligence among the whole bird species.

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    9 replies to "Quaker parrot intelligence"

    • AsadLeo's Videos

      soooooo cute

    • Happyd7689 Fat my face

      All my friends don’t really like parrots they think they are to talkative but that’s just who they are don’t juj them

    • Just some Cryptid with internet access

      This channel is so underrated. Quaker parrots are amazing, I have 2 now. A blue male named Cisco and a opaline blue female who's named Millie

    • grimgod64

      These guys are adorable

    • The Lolermi

      Ahhhhh bird fighting for no reason

    • kmasthan

      Crisp and quick. Good!

    • Joyce T

      super cute!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Echo and I

      Imma get a Quaker, have u got any tips

    • World trip

      Beautiful chennel

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