Red Lored Amazon Parrot acting silly

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Booker the Red Lored Amazon Parrot goes crazy when he’s on the kitchen shelf

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DropsOfJupiter313 says:

Beautiful bird :)

youngestpilotinGa says:

yep i recently got a panama he does the same thing

xBloodfatherx says:

awww i have a female red amazon that is 20 years old and shes such a wonderful bird shes a onne person bird though and she chose me

IdentifyWithResearch says:

Yup, finding interesting potential nest site noises. Mating season is late March through July and you should keep an eye on him if you let him wander loose because if he finds a good spot it will probably get chewed up (they nest in hollow trees). He let you pick him up without a fuss, so the level of his wanting to make a nest may not be all consuming at the moment.

IsRasna says:

I wanna nest with you noises is what I think. Mine does that too when he’s in a partially enclosed area that would make a suitable nesting spot.

youngestpilotinGa says:

now can you tell me what that particular noise means?  he’s beautiful byt hte way!!

Rita Garris says:

Booker is beautiful!! This is definately mating behavior. I think he thinks the plates are as pretty as he is. 🙂

saikouxs100 says:

Ours isnt as talkitive anymore:(

TheTippey says:

me too but mine is afaid of her own shadow

ROFL434 says:

I think… <3
In my opnion... <3
...That he has found a place for nesting with it's mate... you're his/her mate!

Silly parrot, can not mate with mammals... <3

Birdlova says:

He sure is a nice looking male. It looks like he thinks the plates are his mates.

SUBZEROinfinity says:

well at the end guess he does not like the cam but looks like he likes all those colors .!!!

Mattias Svensson says:

haha, no. I have a redlore and he reacts the same in our drawers with dull brown plates. I think they just like small cozy areas with things they possibly can move or climb.

yobitv says:

cute video, he’s gonna jump those plates

Michelle Moore says:

He likes the color of the dishes he thinks they are his mate

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