In this video I wanna show you red parrot training.
I wanna show you some toys for parrot.
16 Best Parrot Toys to Keep your parrot Happy and Healthy.

1) Wicker Foraging Basket Bird Toy with Array of Chewable Toys for Parrots, Medium Size:

2) EBaokuup Wood Bird Chewing Toys-Blocks Parrot Tearing Toys Best for Finch,Budgie,Parakeets,Cockatiels, Conures,Love Birds and Amazon Parrots:

3) Rypet Bird Chewing Toy:

4) Large Bird Swing Toys:

5) EBaokuup 2 Pack Bird Chewing Toys Foraging Shredder Toy Parrot Cage Shredder Toy Foraging Hanging Toy for Cockatiel Conure African Grey Amazon:

6) Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade Bird Toy, Large:

7) Deloky 7 Packs Bird Parrot Swing Chewing Toys-Hanging Bell Bird Cage Toys Suitable for Small Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures:

8) Hiziwimi Extra Large Bird Parrot Toy:

9) BWOGUE Bird Chewing Toys Parrot Shredder Toy Shred Foraging Hanging Cage Toy for Conure Cockatiel African Grey Amazon:

10) Bird Parrot Toys Ladders Swing Chewing Toys for Small Parakeets Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures, Macaws, Lovebirds, Finches:

11) Jusney Bird Perch, Large Parrot Toys Climbing Rope Bungee Bird Toys:

12) Anteer 12 Packs Bird Parrot Swing Chewing Toys – Suitable for Small Parakeets, Cockatiel, Conures,Finches,Budgie,Macaws, Parrots, Love Birds

13) JW Pet Company Activitoys Hol-ee Roller Bird Toy:

14) Bird Creative Foraging System Wheel Seed Food Ball Rotate Training Toy for Small and Medium Parrots Parakeet Cockatiel Conure:

15) Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy:


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