My Green-Winged Macaw has been with me just 6 months since adoption from the rescue but check out the progress she has made! She not only steps up but let’s me grab her, flip her over, open her wings, and put on a harness.

It doesn’t really matter if a parrot comes from a breeder, store, or rescue, with the right approach any parrot can be super friendly like my parrots. Learn about my approach to parrot training that leads to such fantastic results in my book, The Parrot Wizard’s Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots.

See more pictures of Santina going out and get regular updates on the Trained Parrot Facebook page:

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    27 replies to "Rescue Green-Winged Macaw – Progress After 6 Months of Training"

    • Parrot Wizard

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    • NaNdU pet vlogger

      പ്വോളി macaw

    • paul sturgess sturg gaming

      Yeah that’s abuse flipping the bird around pulling it by it’s neck lifting by its wings it’s a animal you asshole not a toy for you to get likes on social media

    • Sophie Billie eilish fan

      It's a scarlet macaw (the name)

    • Erin Nicole

      The way he picks up his bird is NOT abuse. Clearly he loves his bird, and his bird loves him. The bird isn't in pain when he does that, she is FINE!

    • Hope _ Woken

      him: She is 14 years old, let me show you the progress so far

      FBI: keep an eye on this guy

    • Craig Hawes

      No offence never watched you before but I found this cringe and creepy worrying 😂

    • Gameslord

      Beautiful bird.Adorable big baby😹

    • Gus Dominguez

      What's the deal with showing it upside down……. I like the way you tame that bird excellent work


      I live in Vietnam, I have returned to many kinds of birds living in Vietnam, are happy to communicate with friends from other countries, visit the birds that I've filmed in the channel of me! ,wish you health and good luck!?

    • lane bellamy

      Over 5 minutes of a guy flipping the bird.

    • Nilton Paulo

      App google tranlater= This is not how I like to see people making arara

      Não é assim que gosto de ver pessoas criando arar

    • Autumn Ludyka

      dont pick up youre bird by the neck

    • Homer Chu

      how much did she/he cost

    • OlaTV

      Does she know how to fly

    • Rohit Bauri

      Are the nails clipped?

    • The Person

      hah can u train my Green Cheek Conure he's a hastle

    • The Person

      when he picks it up by the neck my reaction- #WTF #2 WHY they have feet #3 WHY THEY HAVE FEET TO STEP UP? loveyou 😀

    • Birdman

      Beautiful bird! I just received a rescue Green Wing (female) as a companion for my B&G Macaw (Male) ……….They hate each other.

    • Riddick H

      How do you use a kind of reward system so he/she knows that they do a good job and you can start with a good base to train yourself and your bird

    • Emily the skeleton

      Is i ok if you grab the neck like that

    • Eclipse The Demon Shadow Dragon

      Plot twist disaster struck jk

    • Thanos Car

      That's basically a puppy with claws

    • Benazir Akthar

      this is really awesome how many times u got a bite from her..

    • ivanwesteurope

      this is so cute.

    • Mind Your own

      My sister had a female eclectus and she attacks everyone but me. I’ve never shown fear with her and always talked to her and get her to come to me before I pet her or pick her up. She gave her up to my uncle (he already has an African grey) unfortunately I live in a very small house so hadn’t the room for her. Wish I did though so I could of worked with her. She has a sweet nature inside.

    • Kristi Halo

      So rewarding!!!

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