If you love all natural toys and perches. Please check out Parrot Town. Com! I guarantee your birds will love them. No plastic, dyes or metal parts. You can’t beat that. Bird safety is very important. It didn’t take my birds long to start using them. Plus Parrot Town is live 24/7. Great entertainment for our feathered family when we have to leave the house. Please check it out!💗🐦🕊😀

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    14 replies to "Rocky and Tico love their new toys from Parrot Town!"

    • Ninjas in Fur

      How lovely 😊😊😊

    • lauralouisegxo

      Aren't they adorable! ♥️

    • Who Dat3020

      Did you google why your not getting comments on youtube? Or google "why my I stopped receiving comments on youtube". I do that when I have a youtube question.

    • Melissa's Pet Life

      They look like fun I have to try parrot town toys 🥰🥰

    • Itz The Parrot_Loverz

      Aww thats good to hear!
      maybe i can get one for mah parakeet C:!

    • Nuts About Birds

      Hi just subscribed 👍👍👍

    • candy the budgie

      I'm happy to hear!!!

    • May Hock

      hi there Rocky and Tico!

    • Parrot Playhouse

      Hi Rocky and Tico!! Love their spicy personalities and their new toys!!💚

    • 맘대로톡

      Good morning Rocky and Tico!

    • Everything Fish

      I say this almost every video but your parakeet is beautiful!!

    • Emi

      Hi Rocky and Tico, you have a great looking set up there, great toys!
      I checked Parrot Town TV, very cute music channel!! 😁🎶🦜🐥💕

    • FOX The Cutest Dog in the West

      I was close to first but got interrupted before my comment! They sure do love that new toy! How fun!👍🏻❤️😁🦊

    • Mingi luvsbudgies

      Those toys look very nice😊

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