Which parrot is easier to have as a pet? Small Parrot or Large Parrot? This video is about what is easier and harder about small parrots vs large parrots.

The obvious answer might appear to be that small parrots are easy and big parrots are hard to keep, but in this video I will give you the inside scoop on how it really is.

There are aspects to both small and large parrots that make them easier and harder in their own ways. In terms of space and budget, small parrots tend to be easier. On the other hand when it comes to mess and going everywhere, big parrots tend to be easier. In terms of behavior and training, neither size is easier, the pace is just different. Small parrots tend to learn faster and do things at a high pace. Big parrots learn slower but are also more predictable at a human pace.

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    17 replies to "Small Parrot vs Large Parrot – Which Is Easier?"

    • Parrot Wizard

      What do you find easier in your experience? Smaller parrots or bigger parrots? I can help make keeping any size parrot easier for with the articles, videos, and behavior enhancing products you can find at

    • H Jones

      I see hearts coming out of Rachel.

    • Yamuna Sivyer

      Thank you so much for this, it’s something I have wondered about as a Carer of a crimson bellied Conure whether I was missing out on the big bird experience. My relationship with her is getting closer all the time, she’s literally my buddy in the house which I’m in all day. Also Rachael was just so damn cute in that video, she’s all fluffed up and just in her own sweet zen zone. The respect you have for birds and how to handle them and work with them in a relationship is so inspiring. Thank you for all that you freely share

    • Sarai Pope

      Cool but what the hell is Rachel doing? She looks like me when I'm high being fascinated by stupid shit.

    • DillyDilly02

      My green cheek is my fav pet. He likes most of the family except my sister. lol

    • Megan Corneelse

      Thank you this really helps beacouse I am getting a red-shouldered macaw 😊 soon

    • Je suis une pomme de terre

      I find that my little cockatiels are easier in comparison to my greater Sulphur cockatoo. Great video as always, there’s a ton of factors that go into which bird is easier for each individual. For me, my Tiels have been quick to bond to me, they clearly ask for affection. They have a very endearing personality. A huge personality in a small bird. They’re very mellow and accepting of everyone. I have to agree with the point about the poop! 😂😂

    • Candice Seitz

      Hmmm…Big beak vs little beak? And the little bird wins!!

    • Carol Hartley

      In my lifetime I've had small,budgie, then medium cockatoo, then who I have now a green cheek, In my opinion the larger,my cockatoo, was the easiest, then Jake (gcc) not as easy, the first one the budgie was the hardest! Just my opinion. So I'm completely happy with Jake, although if I woud have put more thought into, I would have went with a larger bird. I loved all my birds and only stating my view, al parrots are wonderful to have Of course you did state the exact reasons so I don't need to! Lol Thanx. I still need to get that file for Jakes nails. Thanx again🎉♥️♥️btw I would have got a macaw! The budgie i got when i was 19, he passed after bout 6 years, the 2nd ,the cockatoo i rescued and was in my late 20's, I gave him a great life but never knew his real age, estimate he was an older bird but full of life, died of natural causes. Jake the 3rd won't say my age but bought in 2018 as a baby. Back in the day of the first 2 birds there was not much info. Nor internet! Lol Thank god for the resourses from you tube, and people like you, makes it alot easier! Lol

    • M Fusion

      Hi Micheal, a great video as always ca you make a video about male vs female parrots behaviour ? I noticed you have Rachel and Keeley who are both females, Have you had any of them lay eggs over the years?

    • Love Cavaliers

      My green cheeks are bullies to my other birds. I am trying to discourage this

    • Conscious Zone

      I'm getting Senegal soon .
      Thanks for the video!!!!

    • Love Cavaliers

      My avian vet charges by size. My Quaker and moustache parakeet cost 50% more than my GCCs

    • Jacob vallecas

      I'm early :/

    • Moto Rick

      Also the bigger the bird, the louder. You do not want to have a Moluccan Cockatoo scream in your ear.

    • Kez C

      8:40 im done listening to you daddy

    • Kez C

      Smaller birds tend to eat more than a bigger parrot per gram of bird weight. Its harder on the heart losing little birds but the big ones may out last you and you need to have them in your will. Little birds can be very bitty will break your skin bigger birds can have a worse bite but they are more aware of how hard they r biting you.

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