His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji feeds with love and care to His private collection of exotic Birds in Shuka Vana at Avadhoota Datta Peetham…

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    30 replies to "Sri Swamiji feeds the Birds of Shuka Vana (Parrot Park)"

    • bhethanabhotla

      So cute Little yellow ones very eagerly (shaking their heads) looking for hand feeding. Motherly love and care. Swamiji is beautifully decorated with so many colourful birds flocking around Him. The one underneath the beard is silent one, It likes the spot very much. What to say about this video. Simply superb. Our stomachs are also filled with joy watching this. Om Namo Hanumate Namah

    • Xxv8ACRxX

      respect for this bird master!

    • cchaganti

      There is a lot to learn from the compassion Sri Swamiji shows to these parrots. It is an example of how we should treat other creatures. No wonder these birds are so comfortable around Swamiji and even treat Swamiji as their ‘mother’

    • DrAnantkirti

      u r so lucky that so many birds loves u…..

    • venkata krishna kotra

      Beautiful Video, very beautiful background music. This shows the high standards of Sukha vana, how the birds are taken care of, with love and affection. The conures are beautiful, not less are the other birds. Last bird was the luckiest one sleep on appaji, listening to the “Birds zodia”. Wow. pleseant music. pleasent colors, colourful video with colorful birds.

    • Jazzmine Villarosa

      nice parrot


    • CesarzNapoleon


    • drsupriyamakam

      One can see many many scratch marks on Appaji’s arms which birds had made with their sharp nails in a hurry to climb onto His shoulder. We are afraid of getting hurt but He bears out of His love for them. I have observed that every bird wants to go to Him. We make fun that queue of birds have started.

    • drsupriyamakam

      We acquire knowledge by reading books, and online articles but He knows them without the aid of those. Recently there was a heavy rainfall in the middle of the night. Though Sri Swamiji had already taken precautionary measures not to cause inconvenience to birds, He spent 2 hrs in the night from 2 a.m till 4 a.m taking care in every minute detail as it is the first rainfall this year.

    • drsupriyamakam

      Birds feel very secure with Appaji that recently a group of Golden conures stood on His shoulder, arm and were immersed in playing with one another, cleaning themselves as if they are on a branch of a stagnant tree. Doctors and various trainers tell us how to take care of birds, again to our surprise, Swamiji would have told those points before itself. How does He know??? Devotees don’t need an answer as their experiences with Him itself answers.

    • drsupriyamakam

      Very Very Happy to see the video. Being one of those who take care of birds at Ashrama, I am privileged to watch Appaji’s way of taking care of birds very closely. He can understand them so easily which surprises us. After or during playing, He can say that a particular bird is thirsty. To our wonder, we watched birds drink every time. Not all birds drink water when offered.

    • sgsbirds

      lot of online sites specializing in pet birds sell them also.

    • Shelly Bouttell

      Thank you very much for getting back to me so soon can you buy birds  hand feeding formula. in the pet shop ?
      Have a good day . :>)

    • Srini Chundu

      What a display of a Mother’s compassion!  Sri Swamiji’s commitment, the time He spends, the interest and patience He takes in caring for these beautiful beings is truly exemplary. The video portrays how life (in any form) and all living beings are precious and are to be respected. Thank you SgsBirds for a beautiful video yet again.

    • Rama tonner

      “Father of compassion”

    • Rama tonner

      Amazing. How that is the birds are hand fed? This is something which I read in the scriptures today I have seen it in reality. Wow exciting.

    • dattatreya banduribhava

      No doubt Lord Vishnu is exalted as hiranya-garbho bhoo-garbho maodharo madhu-soodanah.
      HE is the cosmic protector. Divine energy takes a human form to protect the creatures.

    • sahiti sarkar

      Oh my Jesus!!!! Great.

    • Sindhuja bale

      Wow that is a fantastic video. I would like to meet this master once…….

    • appajimanjula

      Just as the rays of sun falls on all the organisms irrespective of cast, creed, species etc., Sadguru’s compassion has no boundaries. Wonderful ………………

    • sgsbirds

      Baby birds are fed hand feeding formula. 

    • Shelly Bouttell

      Please could you tell me what you are feeding your lovely birds in the tube . They do love you so x

    • Kamala Datta

      Jaya Guru Datta. Thank you so much for this touching and cute video. Each of these little birds looks so happy and nourished for all intents and purposes. What a wonderful example how to be with animals and how to take care of them. Thank you!

    • Maulin Agrawal

      all of the birds are so sweet

    • Uma Lakshminarayanan

      Jaya Guru Datta
      Thank you for uploading such a beautiful video of Swamiji.

    • sirishajosyula

      Jgd Puttuji! So lovelyyyy they are ! How compassinately HH feeding them 😀 Would love to visit shukavana.. Tempting us a lotttt…

    • sirishajosyula

      Jgd Puttuji! So lovelyyyy they are ! How compassinately HH feeding them 😀 Would love to visit shukavana.. Tempting us a lotttt…

    • Iris Hintzen

      APPAJI, this video is soooo beautiful and loving, YOU feed this birds with so much love and YOUR devotees are like the birds, YOU feed us with love and spirituality. Sri Guru Datta

    • Ramakrishna Rallapalli

      Jaya Guru Datta

      Wow…. excellent video. Looking at this video i feel as if they are in the mothers lap happily. Background music is very soothing and relaxing gives the feeling of early morning birds chirping.

      Sri Guru Datta

    • rvksrinivas

      So cute!!!

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