Hey birdlovers!
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful Rainbow Hut with a cute swing attached to it. You can make it as an outdoor toy or as an indoor toy and attach is inside their cage! Your bird can sleep inside the wooden hut as it rocks them to sleep. Then during the daytime your bird can play with the colorful swing to have fun. You won’t regret making this toy! As your bird will love the toy.

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    3 replies to "super cheap and easy diy rainbow hut video. make diy parrot toys in short time!!"

    • gacha shui••

      This really needs more likes. You're so underrated I'm subscribed!

    • Miki The Talking Budgie

      This looks really interesting! I will try making one for my baby ♡

    • Bowie budgie

      real cool my human is gonna make one for me

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