Apollo has started to get hormonal while standing on the bathroom door now that the pot rack is gone. We try and work through the “excitement” when it happens. What will his next hormone trigger [More]
❤️ conversations with my parrot 😍 ll 😘 मिट्ठू के साथ बातचीत ll बोलने वाला तोता #Indianringneckparrot Indian ringneck parrot talking like a human parrot speaking mitu mitu मिट्ठू मिट्ठू बोलने वाला तोता cute Indian [More]
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তোতাপাখি 🐦 মারার জন্য পুরস্কার 😭 | Facts about Kea Parrot | Banglar Facts #AmazingFacts #Fact #Viral #YoutubeShorts #Trending #ytshorts #BanglarFacts #factsinbengali #factsinbangla • Random Facts in Bangla • Amazing Facts in Bangla • Interesting [More]
Apollo reacts to our Silver Play Button!! It doesn’t take long for him to leave his mark on it and make it his own. This shows a great example of how we discuss what object [More]
Adorable Zaky has a beautiful bond with family. play time is fun time! Zaky is a keen listener & loves to talk My bird talks like human! Enjoys exploring!! Absolutely delighted to see the little [More]
https://ParrotWizard.com/Macaw Blue and Gold Macaws Chester and Walter have their Graduation day in front of stunning views of NYC! These Macaws have been terrific at training and socialization and as a special treat got to [More]
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