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Groucho the Amazon Parrot Amazing Vocabulaire
Video of a beautiful bird – Australia cockatoo sounds. Sound effects include the call of the cockatoo in various situations. In addition, you can watch a video about these creatures. Suitable for adults and children! [More]
This video is all about the amazing facts and tricks of keeping parrots as pets. From the intelligence of parrots to the wide variety of sizes and colors, we’ll be discussing some interesting facts about [More]
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If you’ve spotted a green parrot, you can identify the bird by its size, feather pattern, and more. Some green parrots have additional bright colors mixed into their plumage while others have more subtle markings. [More]
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How do you start training a parrot? What is the easiest trick to teach a parrot? How do you train a parrot to talk? How do you stop a parrot from bitingg, Parrot training to [More]
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