Extremely Beautiful Captive Breed Bonded Pair of Orange Winged Amazon Parrots (Breeding Type) Banded Dna done along with Sexing Certificates available for sale in Reasonable Prices. Can be delivered all over Pak in 24 hours [More]
– This video shows the large former swimming pool room – We have actual 3 more rooms for Birds with Diseases and handicaps Help poor Birds – Support for good deeds 🐣❤️ High conversion costs [More]
Cockatoos & Amazon Parrot Dance To Reggae 💚💛❤️ Cookie has to dance whether he likes it or not! 😂 Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77MIOgaAxyCpA8Q-g2c25Q/join Lucky Lou and Coco Too is a [More]
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The parrots go from home to home and country to country and yet their favorite spot is above a simple closet sitting on push up bars ihihih
Amazon Parrots Enjoying Their Meal in this video, you are seeing Amazon Parrots Enjoying Their Meal and they are turquoise fronted amazon, also called the blue fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva). they have a distinctive turquoise [More]
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