Ringneck baby Parrot ka darna kesy Khatam Karein?|BABY BIRD FEAR|TIPS & Info in HINDI/URDU 2022 Video Tags: How to less parrot fear?,How to stop bird from fear?,Your parrot scared of you?,parrot,parrot training,parrots,how to tame a [More]
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It’s awkward to use a syringe to feed this big baby. But I don’t have a spoon big enough for this huge beak. All I got here were used to feed the cockatiels – Lemon, [More]
in this video you can watch (Ali African Grey Parrot 2-4 month old age, he’s so cute baby chik, Coming videos you can watch how Ali speak and talk fluently amd also speak Cryptocurrency name [More]
What’s the difference in getting a baby Caique and a rescue – for you? How would each affect your lifestyle? — PARROT BLISS MISSION Mission: Help you create a blissful bond with your parrot- reducing [More]
Had to hide our phone while taking the video. As soon as the phone comes out he usually stops. 😆
Baby Redfoot tortoise eating breakfast. Mazuri tortoise diet soaked, kale, strawberries, shredded carrot, shredded broccoli. African grey talking and singing in the background.
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