The Kakapo Parrot, New Zealand’s famous flightless parrot, has had a great year for their population. With at least 9 new babies being born. Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with [More]
A “NEW SCHOOL YEAR” means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships and new challenges. The slate is clean and anything can happen on this auspicious First Day of school on May 5th 2022
Scarlet macaw talks back to dog. dog is petrified! #talkingdog #funnypets #talkingbird
Green Parrot Comes Home, at the Window: “Master, I am back, open the window, please”
DEAR CVP’s! RELEASING A RED TAIL HAWK BACK INTO THE WILD AND EVERYTHING ABOUT FALCONRY 101 19 year old Julia Stein is a professional License Falconer who flies Raptors and Bird of preys in the [More]
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