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Boo literally loves plastic coffee cup lids and wants to share the joy with Misha. Or court Misha. Or show off. I’m not sure why my goffins cockatoo keeps acting like he’s going to shove [More]
Ringneck baby Parrot ka darna kesy Khatam Karein?|BABY BIRD FEAR|TIPS & Info in HINDI/URDU 2022 Video Tags: How to less parrot fear?,How to stop bird from fear?,Your parrot scared of you?,parrot,parrot training,parrots,how to tame a [More]
Yellow Headed Parrot Call and Sound, natural bird song record. The yellow-headed amazon (Amazona oratrix), likewise called the yellow-headed parrot as well as double yellow-headed amazon, is a jeopardized amazon parrot of Mexico as well [More]
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