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Scooby, our hyacinth macaw, talking on his perch and being cute.
Jessi shares a training session with Joy the Macaw and Ecuador the Jenday Conure (parakeet). Joy is an intermediate trainee and Ecuador is a newbie. Enjoy! Our Video Sponsors: Maruja Yoshimura Kerstin Soderquist Tori Zecchini [More]
Colorful Macaw parrots sitting on the tree branch against jungle background on rainy day, blue-and-yellow macaw close-up view #shorts #animals #wildlife
The Most Beautiful Macaw Parrot 🦜#shorts #parrotlover #parrottalking #parrot #macawlover #macaw Macaws are a group of new world parrot. They are popular as companion parrots. Is Macaw a good Pet ? is Macaw parrot can [More]
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